My Neck of the Woods – October 29


Hello everyone! Happy Sunday in your neck of the woods. It’s a bit hard to believe that next week will be my last post in the Year in England series. It’s been a fast year, but it’s been a truly wonderful one. And I’m glad that it’s kept me accountable and posting at least once weekly! It’s something I plan on continuing once this series has ended.

In my neck of the woods, the signs of Christmas are getting bolder now…

And there was a Christmas craft fair yesterday at the Attenborough Arts Centre. After a nice browse through all the artisan creations, I snapped up a gift, a couple tiny stocking stuffers for Jon, and some decorations. Here’s a few shots of some of my favourite items of the day:

But there’s still some Halloween goodness to be had, such as these cocktails at Firebug (they’re quite nice, by the way!).

And here’s my week in photos!


Monday, October 23
My passport renewal application is now on its way to the US Embassy in London! The passport doesn’t expire until April, but as countries might not let me in with less than 6 months validity), I thought it’s better to be safe than denied entry into Poland in December.

Tuesday, October 24
Wee-hours card game with Jon and Amelia while we watched the ever-hilarious film Vampire’s Kiss. It was nice to have Mel over again for a couple of days, as it’s been a while since she last stayed over!

Wednesday, October 25
Today’s recipe I tried was a cappuccino cake. Thanks for another fab recipe, Mary Berry!

Thursday, October 26
Contemplating Christmas crockery at TK Maxx. I eventually decided not to bother with it this year, as we’ll be having Christmas dinner with Jon’s family in Ravenstone! But those holly plates are so pretty…

Friday, October 27
Getting ready for a very Halloween burlesque show at Firebug, which is close to home. FYI – It was such a fun event!

Saturday, October 28
Today’s walk to the Attenborough Arts Centre was very grey and a bit chilly, but there’s still plenty of golden leaves around!

Sunday, October 29
The days are shorter now, but the sunsets are gorgeous!

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