My Neck of the Woods – October 22

Hello everyone! Happy Sunday, wherever you are in the world! My neck of the woods has been fairly peaceful, which is probably a good thing as my mind hasn’t been acting the greatest. It seems to be recovering now after some concentrated self-care, at least.

It was nice to get into Nottingham this week (and it makes me even more grateful to live so close to the Leicester train station, especially when returning late at night!) and see The Eskies play at Bodega. We last saw this fun Irish band in March 2016, and we enjoyed them just as much this time. Their opening act, Black Water County, is a folk-punk band out of Dorset and they were so much fun to listen to and watch! Their energy was infectious.

Here’s the week in photos!


Monday, October 16
The surreal afternoon sky caused by Hurricane Ophelia bringing up Sahara dust and smoke from wildfires in Spain and Portugal.

Tuesday, October 17
That feeling when I have the calories left over for hot chocolate and mini marshmallows!

Wednesday, October 18
The Eskies playing!

Thursday, October 19
I swear the sunsets grow lovelier the cooler the weather gets.

Friday, October 20
Jon finished up work early, so we walked around the corner to see what we could have for an early dinner, and we settled on Bombay Spice for some curry. I loved the bright colours of the place as we sat and waited for our food.

Saturday, October 21
Another trip around the corner today, but this time to Steakout, which is all dressed up for Halloween. Their milkshakes are fabulous!

Sunday, October 22
Elaine, Graham, and Amelia came to visit us today. I made this easy Victoria sandwich to have with tea and coffee, and it went down a treat. This is all that’s left!

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