My Neck of the Woods – October 15

Hello everyone and happy Sunday to you! My neck of the woods has been filled with plenty of exercise in the form of walks where I savour the season while exploring my city. These photos are from my good long walk up to Home Bargains and The Range on Friday.

Home Bargains and The Range were both LOADED full of Christmas decor and edibles. Everything’s sparkly and bright. As much as I try to avoid Christmas stuff before late November, I couldn’t quite help myself from getting lost in the festive feelings and purchase a few small things to start our decor collection.

By Saturday, the temperature had shot up from Hurricane Ophelia pushing warm air up into England. Jon and I drove to Ravenstone to visit the family and pick up more of our belongings, and it was a pleasant evening full of conversation, cups of tea, and that familiar feeling of “home”.  As much as I love living in the city, I missed the sounds of birdsong at dusk!

Here’s my week in photos!


Monday, October 9
Dessert coffee after a nice lunch at Los Iguanas.

Tuesday, October 10
Night comes much sooner and much faster now.

Wednesday, October 11
During a sudden panic attack, I moved off the main sidewalk and down a quiet path until I could compose myself (pic was taken after I was back on my way again).

Thursday, October 12
Passing The Exchange on the way home from a bit of food shopping.

Friday, October 13
The Range’s upstairs section is very festive!

Saturday, October 14
On the way back to Ravenstone.

Sunday, October 15
I haven’t been in a good mental space today. I’m trying to keep myself busy by reading and planning crafts.

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