My Neck of the Woods – May 7

Hello everyone! Happy Sunday in your neck of the woods! The week was lovely most of the time, although Saturday felt like winter had returned. Today is stunning, though, and makes me glad for spring and summer all over again. I’ve been run down with a cold since Monday night, but I think it’s finally leaving my system which means I got to enjoy the warm sunshine today. It also means that I can get back to exercising this coming week, which will improve my mood.

Here’s photos from my neck of the woods this week…



Monday, May 1
Happy May Day! We spent this bank holiday Monday by having a nice meal at The Greyhound in Boundary, which is out past Ashby de la Zouch. This photo is of Ashby itself when we were driving back.

Tuesday, May 2
Elaine’s super-fragrant hyacinths in the conservatory; they were labeled as pink so when they bloomed purple, we were rather surprised.

Wednesday, May 3
Interesting afternoon clouds!

Thursday, May 4
My power supply has been on the fritz for the past couple of weeks. It’s been making hideous grinding and humming noises that made it sound like an idling truck. We pulled it out to prepare for its replacement to arrive the next morning.

Friday, May 5
Ever since I left Canada I’ve been wanting to stock up on MJCare sheet face masks, which are a Korean skin care product that I used to purchase at Pacific Mall and at Galleria Supermarket in Thornhill. I got this big set of them on eBay! My face is happy!

Saturday, May 6
A chilly, breezy, drizzly shopping day in Coalville, but I was feeling as cheerful and sunny as this flower.

Sunday, May 7
A splendidly warm day, which is such a change from yesterday! This is the view from the back of the house!

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