My Neck of the Woods – May 21



Howdy, everyone! Happy Sunday in your neck of the woods, wherever that may be! There’s been lots of rain here, and it looks like all the spring blooms are now fully giving way to summer green. The sky lightens just before 3:30am now, and birds start singing at around 4:30. I so love this time of year! This week found me FINALLY registering for a doctor here in the UK, and it culminated in Jonno’s birthday on Saturday. He and I went to Crafty Burgers in Leicester to celebrate, and it was overall a nice evening once the rain had finally stopped.


Here’s the week in photos!


Monday, May 15
I love early weeknights at Imge because there’s rarely a lot of people there!

Tuesday, May 16
Laying out my temperature scarves for a separate blog post. This is the England scarf at the midway point! More in that upcoming post 😉

Wednesday, May 17
Many of my art and writing supplies are in separate cases and bags, but I love having some of them on display like this! They get me wanting to create!

Thursday, May 18
My new jointed drawing figure from eBay. I think she’s a bootleg of another brand, mainly because she doesn’t look as nice as the others, her neck is weird, and the head/neck and one arm tend to fall off easily.

Friday, May 19
My new messenger bag! Now I’m all set to go to Leicester ComicCon in two weeks’ time and bring home some fabulous finds!

Saturday, May 20
My absolutely lovely cappuccino at Gelato Village! We were too early to head into Crafty’s so we stopped here for a drink.

Sunday, May 21
3:25am in this picture. Here comes the sun!

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