My Neck of the Woods – May 14


Hi everyone! Happy Sunday in your neck of the woods! My neck of the woods has plodded along! There was lots of exercise, some art and writing, some regular old drudgery, and some welcome sunshine!

I realized last week that the 6th marked six months since I immigrated to the UK. The months have progressed so beautifully when I’ve been lacking that familiar fear of having to leave! And that means I’m halfway through Project 365, which has been a great lesson in forming the daily habit of picture-taking (I’d gotten out of the habit as I haven’t done Project 365 since 2012!) as well as in making sure I blog at LEAST once weekly. Here’s to the next six gorgeous, uninterrupted months in England!

On Saturday, we ventured to Nottingham to see He Is Legend play at the Rescue Rooms.  Jon and I went with Matt and our friend Alex, and met up with Cozy, one of Matt’s bandmates, in the city. I got to see a wee bit more of Nottingham as Cozy told me how quirky it is — And if you know me, then you know I LOVE quirky! That’s one of the reasons why I loved (and still love) Toronto so much.

The pub side of Rescue Rooms is quirky, cool, and low-lit, and we enjoyed beer and cocktails (well, I just had cocktails as I’m not a beer drinker) while we passed the time away. We walked to a fabulous little underground pub for dinner, then headed back to the venue side of Rescue Rooms as one of the cover bands started up.

He Is Legend started playing at 9pm, and we were right up against the stage. It was a load of fun! The lead singer, Schulyar, was super energetic and quickly switched between slow, serpentine movements and frenetic dancing while the guitars roared and the drums thudded in my sternum. He was quite interactive with the audience as well, and got up close and personal with us. It was a fantastic set that left us wanting more.  And after the set, Schulyar wandered around and mingled with the crowd. I couldn’t figure out if I liked his green hair streak, his nail polish colour, or his floral infinity scarf more! He seems like a really interesting guy to be around.

Then it was back home to experience the brunt of post-set tinnitus and try to sleep through it. A good lesson in remembering to purchase ear plugs in the future so I can enjoy the music without the consequence!

Here’s my week in photos!



Monday, May 8
Gathering my fave magazines together for a near-future blog post! Time to go relax and read!

Tuesday, May 9
Jonno and I had dinner at Gelsmoor Inn, a lovely restaurant in Griffydam, which is near Coleorton and Coalville.

Wednesday, May 10
The deadline for the Draw a Dot May competition was coming up fast, so I geared up and started using my new gouache paints.

Thursday, May 11
My latest order from Cult Pens arrived and it has lots of writing goodies inside! Blog post coming soon!

Friday, May 12
Out for a walk today and I passed this super-fragrant tree. Not sure what it is (which makes me more curious to learn foliage identification) but it’s pretty!

Saturday, May 13
Schulyar doing his thing during the set!

Sunday, May 14
Having a look at my favourite cookbook for lunch today.

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