My Neck of the Woods – March 5

Hello everyone! Happy Sunday, wherever you are in the world!

My neck of the woods has been filled with art. FINALLY! The last couple of pieces I did seemed to completely break through my art block and confidence issues, and now I feel much happier and calmer because I’m creating again.

Something else that’s been making me feel happier this week is my journey to become healthier. My weight loss is progressing ever downward, but I think I needed a bit of a boost by tracking my calories instead of carbs. There have been times, when counting both, that I realized I’d hit my carb limit but had only consumed 800-900 calories in one day, and really a woman (especially one of my girth) shouldn’t be dipping below 1,200 on a day-to-day basis!  So now I’m counting calories but trying not to stress too much over it! I’m getting there, slowly but surely.

Every little healthy change counts. This is a marathon, after all, not a quick race.


Here’s the week in photos!



Monday, Feb 27

Tuesday, Feb 28
My gorgeous earrings from Rags for Gypsies! Poppy truly makes some fabulous stuff and I’ll feel like a goddess when wearing these.

Wednesday, March 1
Hold on, is this me actually wanting to work on more art? Wowza!

Thursday, March 2
It was a very chilly and breezy day for my walk, but I was cheered by the sight of bright daffodils and crocuses in full bloom across the village!

Friday, March 3
Happy purple mail! I ordered Jamberry nail wraps through my mom’s party, and they arrived super fast! I can’t wait to wear them all!

Saturday, March 4
On the way home after another good shopping Saturday with Elaine and Nanny Pat.

Sunday, March 5
A nice, rainy evening with a cozy cappuccino (with cinnamon, nutmeg, and ground ginger sprinkled in). Also, that spray bottle has a lavender oil mixture inside for a calming atmosphere…

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