My Neck of the Woods – March 26

Happy Monday, friends and family!  Sorry this post is a day late, but we got in really late last night and I pretty much just hopped right into bed! I hope you all had a good week in your neck of the woods. It’s alternated between chilly and warm here, with both rain and sun, and more and more blossoms and tree buds are opening up. Colour is returning in full force and it’s already so beautiful! I’m happy to smell fresh-cut grass and the flowers again.

I’ve not been up to much, mainly thinking about and preparing for our Eindhoven trip on the weekend. I’ll be sharing my little Eindhoven adventure with you all on Tuesday, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, here’s the week in photos!


Monday, March 20
I got the baking bug in me again, but the plum and honey tea bread I made from The Vintage Tea Party Book turned out a heavy wet lump instead of nice, soft and light bread. Oops. Sad times.

Tuesday, March 21
Today’s walk was quite cold, but sunny and beautiful!

Wednesday, March 22
I got these strange crisps at Tesco. Whenever I see a weird flavour, I’m usually up for trying it. In fact, I really like the Cosmopolitan flavoured crisps from Aldi. These mostly tasted of chocolate, which wasn’t altogether unpleasant!

Thursday, March 23
A new six-inch afghan square is completed! The gradient worked itself quite perfectly, really!

Friday, March 24
Hooray for colourful blossoms!

Saturday, March 25
Waiting to board our flight to the Netherlands!

Sunday, March 26
The weather was absolutely gorgeous as we walked around Eindhoven all afternoon!

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