My Neck of the Woods – March 19

Hello everyone! Happy Sunday in your neck of the woods!

I hope you’ve all been having a nice week. I’ve been focusing on art and the gorgeous, warm weather we had for a few days! The weekend was unpleasant, as far as weather goes, but it didn’t bother me too much as I love just sitting and writing with a nice hot cuppa at my side. So there’s even a positive to the grey and the rain… As long as it doesn’t stick around for too long! 🙂

I’ve also started preparing for our little weekend trip to Eindhoven, The Netherlands, next weekend. The main purpose of going is to see my brother-in-law’s band play, but I’m sure we’ll also do a bit of city exploring as well!

Here are this week’s photos!

Monday, March 19
I love spring’s blooms! There are two of these in the village green, and I didn’t get too close this time as they’re practically covered in busy bees.

Tuesday, March 20
From Aldi I purchased a set of fun camera lenses for my phone, so I was enjoying taking super up-close shots with the macro lens.

Wednesday, March 21
I decided to take my walk further and so I went to Coalville. I even got a little shopping done while I was at it!

Thursday, March 22
I got these super-cute stickers from eBay. They’re to make my bullet journaling a bit more cheerful!

Friday, March 23
I found this book for one penny on Amazon! I’ve been wanting to dive into more of Sark’s books, and while this one’s well-loved, it will be yet more loved by me ;D

Saturday, March 24
Yes, Caboodle Issue 4 is here! I got it on sale as Issue 5 is now out, and I’m excited to crack it open. Recipes, crafts, articles, and more await!

Sunday, March 25
Hooray, my mini daffodils have popped open!

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