My Neck of the Woods – March 12


Hello everyone! Happy Sunday, wherever you are in the world! My neck of the woods has been mild and pleasant this week, with only a bit of rain and there’s been gorgeous birdsong exploding across the land all day long. The fields are yellowing with rapeseed, and the vague smells of fertilizer drift in on the breeze. My wee daffodils are quickly growing and have shot up their flower buds now, so hopefully soon I’ll see their blooming little faces! Meanwhile, full-size daffodils have bloomed along with crocuses and other flowers, and the trees all look fuzzy from a short distance. Today has been so beautiful and I find my spirits soaring.

Wednesday evening was a mindfulness group that my friends Holly and Michaela brought me to. It was very interesting, mostly because the guy talked about negativity and its bad effects on our minds, lives, and relationships. As I’ve been struggling up the VERY muddy slope of trying to change my negative thought patterns, I was glad to sit in on this session. We also did a meditation to relax all our muscle groups in turn, and as I sat there with a tense, aching back, I thought it would never work. Amazingly, my mind didn’t stray to all the things I thought I needed to be doing or planning for, and my body was SO RELAXED afterwards!

Good grief. I really should try meditation more often.

Thursday morning was Jon’s nan’s funeral at Loughborough Crematorium. It was a truly lovely service, celebrating the long life of a woman ravaged by dementia. From hearing things about her life I’d never known, I wished I’d gotten to know her before her mental and physical health went so downhill. Afterwards, the family met up at a nearby pub called The Cedars, where a light lunch buffet was set up. I got to meet paternal cousins of Jon’s for the very first time, and Graham and his brother Andrew looked dapper in their suits. They were in better spirits by then.

“You look really good today,” I said to Graham, and he did.

“I look good every day!” he retorted, and grinned as far as his self-limiting facial muscles would allow. Meanwhile, Andrew guffawed and clapped his older brother on the shoulder. “This is a man of confidence!” he said.

I was glad to see everyone chatting and looking at pictures of Grace (better known as Doreen throughout her life) through the years. I didn’t know her well, but I’m sure she would have been happy to see her family and descendants smiling at memories of her.

After we were done eating, Matt said he wanted to stroll around Loughborough and look fancy because he was wearing a suit. Jon and I concurred, so the three of us drove into the city and walked around the shops. It was a gorgeous day with barely a cloud in the sky, and birds were singing everywhere.

Here’s the week in photos! What have you been up to this week?


Monday, March 6
Monday is usually board games night, but only Josh was available. So Jon, Matt, Amelia, Josh and myself went to IMGE for dinner! I finally tried something new (although still lamb) and it was amazing.

Tuesday, March 7
I went to Cult Pens to order a new blue Sakura Gelly Roll pen (as mine had lost the cap and I didn’t notice, so it dried up), but couldn’t resist the low price of Copic markers and refills! Love love love!

Wednesday, March 8
I made my first-ever homemade soup today. It was rather bland, although comforting. It had the veggies shown here plus sweet potato, cocounut milk, and vegetable stock. I added black pepper and basil, but it’s just missing a good “oomph”.  Still proud of it!

Thursday, March 9
After the service, Matt, Jon and I spent the afternoon shopping around in Loughborough. I successfully avoided The Works, but not Claire’s!

Friday, March 10
My walks are becoming more and more pleasant as the new season advances.

Saturday, March 11
Checking out my cute planner stickers I got from eBay. I absolutely love these kitty ones!

Sunday, March 12
The conservatory, which is cold and a bit drafty in winter, is super warm today in the sunlight! Here are my wee daffodils ready to bloom!

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