My Neck of the Woods – June 4


Hello, everyone! Happy Sunday, wherever your neck of the woods may be! My week was fairly relaxed, and warm, and ended with my first solo trip into Leicester for ComicCon–which was in its third year and third sold-out event in a row!

My trip into the city  was full of anxiety, because what’s a typical day for me without all the trappings of a looming panic attack? But the bus ride was pleasant, and the walk down to the Athena Theatre was also pleasant and very sunny. It gave me the little boost of independence I was needing since moving to the UK, so now I hope to have more solo Leicester adventures on my own.

On the ComicCon Facebook page, a local cosplayer named Ruth had said she was going to the con on her own, so I piped in that I was as well, and so we decided to meet up. Unfortunately for me, by the time I walked down she was getting ready to leave, as she’d been there since the morning hours and was overheated and sore. But we got to chat for a good ten minutes or so as she waited for her Uber, so I was really thankful for that! She cosplayed an absolutely lovely Zatanna. She made me feel comfortable within moments of meeting her, and I’m really looking forward to seeing her again at some point soon!

My meeting with dear Ruth made me feel cheered and confident, and so I queued up and entered the convention on my own. The Athena was such a quirky, fun venue to use for an event like that! Everything was a big fun splash of cosplay, noise, artwork, vendors and even a lightsabre battle on the stage. I strolled around, admiring people’s costumes and wares, and snagged a few goodies such as a handful of Japanese capsule machine items, some art, and absolutely gorgeous cupcakes from The Custom Cupcake Company. I had a fab time, although it was good to get home that evening! 🙂

Here’s the week in photos, lovelies! Sparkle on!



Monday, May 29
If you don’t know about Andrea at Creative Dream IncubatorI recommend you check out her gorgeous rainbow-y site and follow along with her 30 Day Journal Challenge. I’ve been working in my new Rhodia Webbie journal, and I’ve really been enjoying the process and the gentle self-discovery.

Tuesday, May 30
I bought “Workin’ It” a couple weeks ago and just got around to starting it! I love this book.

Wednesday, May 31
A sunny drive to Ashby to have dinner at Wetherspoons.

Thursday, June 1
Yes, my latest order has just arrived!

Friday, June 2
My messenger bag is now laden with charms and ready to go to ComicCon! Sadly, I would lose that Sylveon one I drew for myself.

Saturday, June 3
Woohoo, ComicCon at the Athena!

Sunday, June 4
We’ve started looking at apartments in the city again, and a bunch of really nice ones have cropped up in the vicinity of the Athena. I’m getting really excited, and I have a rather good feeling about it all.

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