My Neck of the Woods – June 25


Hello all, I hope you’ve had a fabulous week in your neck of the woods! This balmy week, Jon and I have been mostly concentrating on looking at apartments in Leicester’s city centre. Monday was spent out on the garden with the family, just enjoying the hazy peach-and-gold evening sky while having dinner and big mugs of tea. While I’m looking forward to living in a city again, I do long for the day that I get to have a little back garden of my own!

Jon and I went to a group viewing of  an apartment on Tuesday, and we left incredibly underwhelmed and realized that our ideals for apartments had begun unraveling around us. We discussed this as we had lunch together at Bill’s in Highcross, then we mulled over it more after he left to put in a few hours in the office and I wandered around Highcross and Haymarket. That evening, we met up again for dinner and cocktails at Las Iguanas, then went home and started looking at pricier apartments that offered us more breathing room.

I wound up collecting a few more small items for our near-future kitchen. A set of glass mixing bowls, pastel utensils, an immersion blender that has cup attachments for smoothies, and a little battery-operated milk frother (hey, we like our home-brewed coffees to be fancy without paying Starbucks or Costa prices all the time! ;)). I’m feeling excited, and having daydreams of how the kitchen–and the rest of the flat–will be decorated. Of course I’ll be taking you all on a little tour and will be chronicling my decorating and DIY projects!

By the end of the week, the weather had cooled down considerably and we were no longer sweating to death the second we stood up. Today is grey, but I’m enjoying it! It’s almost time to get back into painting and writing and also planning some new blog entries!

Here’s my week in photos!


Monday, June 19
Elaine’s lilies

Tuesday, June 20
Wandering around Highcross and feeling the beginnings of very sore feet.

Wednesday, June 21
I spread my art and bullet journal stash on the bed so I could be as close to the fan as possible.

Thursday, June 22
Getting petrol after a late-night Tesco snack run. How very exciting I am 😉

Friday, June 23
Working on my second-ever painting with gouaches!

Saturday, June 24
Now here’s something I haven’t indulged in since 2010, as they don’t have this brand outside the US! A little expat familiarity for me, thanks to Amazon! My family always made them with dinner, and although I think they’re too sweet and would go better with breakfast or as a dessert, I still made them with dinner just so Jon could share in my old family tradition. He likes them, woohoo!

Sunday, June 25
3:30am run to McDonald’s. I didn’t get anything, but Jon had the macros left on his nutrition tracker to get something! Not sure if I’m jealous or not.

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