My Neck of the Woods – June 18


Hello everyone and happy Sunday! I hope everything is well in your neck of the woods. My neck of the woods has been very warm and sunny, and today was giving me uncomfortable memories of Toronto’s nasty, swampy summer of 2016. We haven’t been doing much around here except for feeling that gentle, sultry summer laziness drift down and settle on us. I haven’t wanted to cook, and I haven’t wanted to eat many hot things. I’m still reveling in the late sunlight that will so soon begin to shorten again.

Monday was another solo trip to Leicester so I could get used to traveling alone, just as I did in Toronto, and it was very pleasant. I engaged in interesting conversations with interesting folks, I cut down on packaging and switched to shampoo and conditioner bars from LUSH, and I even enjoyed a sandwich and a gargantuan coffee at the end of my shopping journey. My anxiety didn’t win that day, as hard as it tried! Hell, my bus home was even more crowded than a 60 Steeles West, and it ended up bypassing Ravenstone so I had to get off in Swannington and have Jonno come rescue me!

I’m also battling anxiety by making myself contact letting agents to try to arrange viewings on nice flats in the city centre. I was feeling so much self-doubt these past couple of weeks, but winning against my anxiety issues in any way I can makes me feel so relieved and more confident.

Here’s the week in photos!


Monday, June 12
One of the collective rainbow of glass lamps at The Very Bazaar in Leicester, which might be my new favourite shop!

Tuesday, June 13
Little drawings! I forgot to make a Hump Day Art post about them… Ah well, I’ll take care of that in just a few days! 😉

Wednesday, June 14
Okay, it’s pretty obvious that I LOVE this view and the late sun! This was at around 10:30pm.

Thursday, June 15
Isn’t this the CUTEST purse? I just couldn’t resist it when I found it on eBay. I’ll be pairing it with my bacon-and-eggs earrings I got from Anime North last year.

Friday, June 16
The conservatory is almost unbearably hot in late afternoon and evening now, but it’s still far more pleasant than in winter!

Saturday, June 17
You know it’s a lazy summer day when the most exciting thing that happens is your street losing electricity. At least it wasn’t out for too long!

Sunday, June 18
Heading home from Ashby with Amelia and her friend Eve. We wound up trying to hook up the Wii but wound up playing multiplayer games on Steam instead!




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