My Neck of the Woods – June 11


Hello everyone! Happy Sunday in your neck of the woods! My week has mostly centered around cleaning, art, working in my bullet journal, making lists, and arranging apartment viewings in Leicester. My mind is becoming almost totally preoccupied with getting our own place, so I feel I won’t be able to focus on much else for the next little while!

Here’s the week in photos!


Monday, June 5
Some of my goods from ComicCon! These are by Kelly at Anything Comic, which I highly recommend! Not sure if I like the sexy legs bird or the buff Pikachu sticker more!

Tuesday, June 6
This fuzzy fellow is a white ermine moth that fluttered its way into our bedroom when we had the window open after dark!

Wednesday, June 7
Using my bullet journal to create a list of questions and things to do when going to see the apartments we want to look at!

Thursday, June 8
Coming home from a Tesco run at 4am…

Friday, June 9
A family lunch out at The Gate near Hinckley to celebrate both Jon’s and Matt’s birthdays.

Saturday, June 10
New mini sketch ready to be coloured and corrected (I’m a bit terrible at proper lines…)

Sunday, June 11
This week’s fantastic week!


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