My Neck of the Woods – July 9

Hello everyone! Happy Sunday in your neck of the woods!

My neck of the woods has been quite busy since coming back from Cumbria. Jon and I trekked to the city to view a couple apartments, and we fell in love with one of them and contacted the letting agent immediately to snag it! The next day we had to bring in paperwork, including the completed application, to the agent’s office. We’ve been waiting ever since for reference and credit checks to be completed, and we’re really crossing our fingers and wishing for this place to officially be ours!

Monday and Tuesday I also spent wandering around the Highcross area while Jon put in a few hours at his work’s office. I was looking pick up little things for our home in my wanderings, but didn’t wind up with much but a Christmas cookbook and some fancy lemon curd and rose petal jelly on clearance at John Lewis. My feet sure were sore by Wednesday! I got to Home Bargains and got a bag full of basic–but important–items for our kitchen. The letting agent seemed confident that we’ll get to move in as soon as next weekend, so I want to be as prepared as possible!

Here’s the week in photos…


Monday, July 3
In-between apartment viewings, Jon and I had lunch at the Plan Burrito that opened recently.

Tuesday, July 4
In wandering around Highcross, I discovered that John Lewis has a craft section. How did I never notice this before?

Wednesday, July 5
Another 6-inch granny square done! It worked up quicker than I thought it would. And that’s just about the last of Jon’s late nan’s beautiful yarn, which I’m sad about but I’m glad I got to use it to make squares for my first afghan!

Thursday, July 6
Working on a new drawing in my black paper sketchbook, because I don’t touch this lovely book nearly enough!

Friday, July 7
Lunch at Rose Cottage Tearooms! We hadn’t been here since sometime before Christmas, and I’d been bundled up and enjoying a gingerbread hot chocolate and a nice Camembert. But this time I had to have a raspberry milkshake to cool down!

Saturday, July 8
Poundland seemed to have sent a corrected batch of these glass plaques at the bottom! Haha!

Sunday, July 9
Jon, Matt and I had an enjoyable dinner at Chimichanga tonight, followed by a nice walk through the city to see our (hopefully, anyway) apartment building.

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