My Neck of the Woods – July 2

Hello loves! Happy Monday in your neck of the woods! This weekend was our little trip to Cumbria to visit our friend Paul, and I shall make another post about that very soon. It was so nice to be surrounded by mountains and be so close to water again. The rest of the week was quiet and the weather cooled down quite considerably, which Jon and I were thankful for as our room had turned into an oven during the warmer days!

Here’s the week in photos!



Monday, June 26
Because we keep our windows open in the evening to cool down the room, we get a wide variety of moth species flittering in to assault the overhead light. This female ghost moth decided to rest in the rose fairy lights on my desk.

Tuesday, June 27
I’ve finally begun work on this pizza scarf by Twinkie-Chan in her first book, Crochet Goodies for Fashion Foodies. It’s about time, as I’ve only had this book for six years!

Wednesday, June 28
Jon, Amelia and I spent the evening in the study playing Diablo III on the old Xbox. I’m not much one for solo gaming, but playing with other people is fun!

Thursday, June 29
It was a rainy, cool day that had Elaine glumly likening it to November. She and I did food shopping this afternoon and had a pause to examine the outdoor flowers for sale at Lidl.

Friday, June 30
Soon after arriving in Cumbria, all of us went to Tesco to pick up snacks and drinks. Paul showed us these rather sketchy frozen meals. Would you buy these? I don’t think I would.

Saturday, July 1
We drove around parts of the Lake District today, stopping in Hodge Close to get a good look at the slate quarry there.

Sunday, July 2
Having a little barbecue at Roanhead Beach, looking toward the Irish Sea on the horizon.

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