My Neck of the Woods – July 16



Hello loves! Happy Sunday in your neck of the woods! I hope your week has been wonderful.

My birthday was on Saturday. Now as I’m starting to get a wee bit older, I’ve been feeling a little down on my birthdays. Which is kind of silly, isn’t it? I should be celebrating my life and how far I’ve come! And this year, there was something very special to celebrate. We signed the lease and got the keys to our apartment right on my birthday! There will be pics to come, especially as I work on and decorate the second bedroom/craft/art room ­čśë The week has been very busy getting ready to move, and like anyone who’s in the middle of moving, I just want it done and over with already!

Here’s the week in photos!

Monday, July 10
On my afternoon walk today, and I realized this will probably be the last week I’ll be walking in quiet little Ravenstone.

Tuesday, July 11
I was at B&M when I found this set of black cutlery. I snapped this pic to text to Jon because I wasn’t sure if I should grab it or not! I ended up getting this 16-piece set and they look better (and more of a matte black) in person!

Wednesday, July 12
I heard back from the letting agent and he said we could go sign the lease on Saturday! HOLY TOLEDO!!! So I walked over to Coalville with shopping bags and my backpack and loaded up on basic household supplies and cleaning products for the apartment.

Thursday, July 13
Even in the face of immense moving-related anxiety, my wee nesting dolls beam at me from under my monitor and cheer me up. The one on the right is my newest, and I got her from a charity shop last weekend!

Friday, July 14
During the first half of my walk, it was nice and partly sunny, and my views were of lush green trees. On the way back, it clouded over and the breeze got cooler, and as I passed by these brassy fields it made me think of autumn!

Saturday, July 15
Happy birthday to me! Here’s a little peek into our new apartment!

Sunday, July 16
Having a very lovely post-birthday dinner at Wing Wah in Burton!

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