My Neck of the Woods – Jan 8



Hello loves! I hope you’ve all had a good start to the new year this week, wherever you are in the world!

I’ve started January off strong by getting my behind into gear to get healthier. I have two clear dates to reach my goals: June 24th and December 25th. June 24th was chosen because it will mark the three year anniversary of when I went to Switzerland and was the biggest I’ve ever been, and as we might be going back to Switzerland this year, I’d like to get ready for all the hiking involved!

Here’s the week in photos! I just realized that nearly all of them consist of me showing you stuff I got. I need to be more creative next week ūüėČ


Monday, Jan 2

I finally got my hands on some maple syrup at Aldi! After Jon shook his head at me and said golden syrup tastes far better, I felt like my Canada was a very long way away indeed and I was more determined to get myself a jar.

Tuesday, Jan 3

Even though I hate when the holiday season ends, I do so love finding decorations and ornaments on clearance! I got these at Aldi for £1.99.

Wednesday, Jan 4

Getting my walking done as I’m determined to get this weight off this year. It’s good to be motivated with a clear date in mind!

Thursday, Jan 5

I’m a huge, huge fan of Mollie Makes magazine, and there were a couple issues that I was dying to have but had missed in the shops. So I got my hands on back issues! I’m excited to try the little kits out for next Christmas (one is a tree topper and the other is a collection of mini crackers).

Friday, Jan 6

A Christmas gift for me arrived by post today! It’s from my lovely friend Grace, who sent me adorable stationery, Pokemon Moon for my Nintendo 3DS, sweets, a puzzle, and a CD along with a heartfelt card. It was a such a lovely thing to receive and it really made my week!

Saturday, Jan 7

Crochet and tea? Why, yes please!

Sunday, Jan 8

About to pretty up my desk even more with these sweet coasters I got at Home Bargains. I’m still collecting items for our future flat, but these I wanted to use right away.

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