My Neck of the Woods – Jan 29


Hello friends! Happy Sunday to you, wherever you are in the world. In my neck of the woods, things have–more often than not–been cold and grey. That seems to be a typical winter here, and it doesn’t bother me; in fact, it makes me feel pretty warm and cozy when I’m indoors!

This week has shown an increase in my creativity and productivity levels as I strive to stay away from social media for more than five-ten minutes a day. I find that I’m not feeling so tense and depressed, and I can concentrate for longer periods now. I got some writing done, got a sketch or two down, have worked on my HTML/CSS and German language courses, and have taught myself to knit. I’m still struggling with the knitting, but if I keep at it, I’ll get the hang of it in no time! I’ve played some online games with Jonno and Amelia. I’ve also ordered a drawing tablet so I can try more digital drawing in Photoshop, so I’m pretty excited about that!

Here’s my week in photos!


Monday, Jan 23

Woo, look at this! I CAN KNIT!!!

Tuesday, Jan 24

Working on another recipe from the amazing Sirocco cookbook by Sabrina Ghayour. These became delicious potato, chickpea & spinach latkes with a tomato, mint, onion, and coriander salsa. So good!

Wednesday, Jan 25

For dinner, Jon and I drove to Coleorton to The Angel Inn, a lovely little pub with a very appealing menu. We started off with baked Camembert with veggies and crusty bread chunks, then he had enchiladas and I had a Turkish flatbread with goat cheese, rocket, and onion chutney along with a nice pot of tea.

Thursday, Jan 26

My temperature scarves for Toronto and Leicester are coming along quite nicely! I may have mentioned this before, but I LOVE the dramatic differences between both locations at the same time of year!

Friday, Jan 27

I love this view down the fields from the patio and conservatory. Sometimes there’s clinging haze, or fog, or you can see rain approaching in sheets, and there’s always a lovely sunset! Once it’s warm out, I want to go walking through those fields and trees again.

Saturday, Jan 28

A large part of gaming for Jonno, Amelia, friends, and myself is the absolute hilarity of it all. Here’s my character, in her truck, on a freight train. Good thing I don’t drive in real life, eh?

Sunday, Jan 29

I was looking into getting an inexpensive headset for gaming, and Amelia was an absolute gem and picked these up for me on Amazon! They work great, and now I just need to test them out in my favourite games 🙂


What’s up in your neck of the woods this week?


    • Mary says:

      *Waves* Haha, hello and welcome! 🙂 You probably found me through #PoCoLo. I used to live in Toronto, and now I live in the UK! 🙂

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