My Neck of the Woods – Jan 22


Hello, all! Happy Sunday, wherever you are in the world! I hope you’ve had a fabulous week in your neck of the woods.

Once again, it’s been fairly quiet here. The weather decided to be strictly grey, cold and foggy most of the week, so I spent it reading, crocheting, cooking, and getting as much indoor exercise in as possible. I did manage a couple brisk walks, especially on Friday when the sun finally came out!

I have been rather discouraged with my art lately and have been trying to write down some ideas, so hopefully inspiration and confidence will be with me again soon and I’ll have new things to show you! As it is, I’ll have new crocheted things and Mollie Makes items to show you very soon.

I’m also writing down solid ideas of what to create for my online shops to get them going, and I can’t deny that I’m starting to feel pretty excited!

And now, here’s the week in photos!


Monday, Jan 16

Dinner at our favourite restaurant — IMGE, of course! It’s not the worst food I could eat when trying to eat better, although I’m sure this melon with rose syrup isn’t the healthiest thing ever 😉

Tuesday, Jan 17

This super-soft, shimmery yarn came from Jon’s Nanny Doreen’s place when she was moving out into a retirement home. For the longest time I haven’t had a clue about what I should do with it, but then I joined this group on Ravelry where folks crochet one afghan square a month (along with optional squares of different sizes) and I knew I wanted to use this stuff!

Wednesday, Jan 18

Getting my walk in on a grey, foggy day. I haven’t seen the sun at all in the past week!

Thursday, Jan 19

I’ve been sprucing up my desk area, giving it cheerful colour on these cold, foggy days with solid-grey skies. What better place to feel motivated and creative? I whipped up this pepperoni pizza garland and it adds quite a bit of whimsy! My little space is still under construction, but I love it!

Friday, Jan 20

Evenings at Si and Holly’s are always enjoyable, but this evening was rather special for me because Miss Marjorie was very docile, allowing me to pet her — and she even climbed into my lap for a minute or two! She’s always run from me before, so I could hardly contain my happiness! Oh, how I love kitten therapy. Yep, I’m THAT person who stays in the corner with the pets! 😉

Saturday, Jan 21

I got the urge to cook and bake! I made these toasts with an avocado mixture and tahini/lemon/Greek yogurt sauce. They were amazing! I need more avocados, NOW. Although I could just put this tahini sauce on everything, avocados or not.

Sunday, Jan 22

To celebrate Si’s birthday, a group of us went to Leicester to have a couple laser quest games and get food at Grillstock. Although I did terribly at laser quest, it was a good workout! And Grillstock was heavenly, especially those glorious Hog Fries. Here’s a couple of us walking to Grillstock (that’s Jonno’s hand in the bottom left!).

I hope you enjoyed this post! What did you get up to this week? What are your plans for the coming week?

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