My Neck of the Woods – Jan 15


Hello all! Happy Sunday, wherever you are in the world! Here’s what’s been going on in my neck of the woods this week.

I had a fun couple of days out with Elaine, her sister Angela, and the ever-stylish Nanny Pat. Monday was spent sales-hunting in Leicester, and Tuesday was more hunting, but this time in Burton upon Trent.

Tuesday we had lunch at a place called The Sump, which overlooks the river Trent.

I bet this view is just beautiful in the summer! I’d love to go back when everything is warm and green so I can enjoy a meal outside.

The Sump’s menu is really neat! Not only is there traditional pub fare, but there’s also world-inspired street food. I had the fabulous Californian Sweet Potato Hash, which is full of sweet potatoes, broad beans, edamame beans, garden peas, guac, a bit of sour cream, and tons of herbs. I added grilled chicken for £1 and it really added that extra something to it. I LOVED it and I want to recreate it at home! Expect a recipe post from me soon 😉

Also *ahem* I just have to share this bit of fabulous sparkle from a clutch I found in an Accessorize shop. I can’t resist! And no, I didn’t take it home with me… But I sure wanted to!

The rest of the week has been very quiet. I’ve been doing a lot of serious looking inwards, thinking, and trying to overcome my issues with negativity and self-esteem. However, that is for another post, which will be written up soon. Here’s the week in photos, my dears!


Monday, Jan 9

Riding home as the sun sets on my awesome day in Leicester.

Tuesday, Jan 10

It’s only my second trip to Burton, but I think it’s a lovely place.

Wednesday, Jan 11

My issue of Caboodle magazine arrived with a hand-written note! How cool is that? I love this women-run independent magazine full!

Thursday, Jan 12

I was planning to make a temperature afghan to chronicle my first full year in England (November 2016 – November 2017), but it seemed pretty daunting to me, so I decided to make a big scarf instead! I’m currently working to catch up from November until now, and I’m almost there. I’m looking forward to this when it’s done!

Friday, Jan 13

This is what Jon and I woke up to this morning! Gorgeous! However, an hour later and it had already half-melted.

Saturday, Jan 14

As part of my progression toward being healthy, I’m getting back into the habit of making a green smoothie to start off my day.

Sunday, Jan 15

I was super excited to snag this from a charity shop on Tuesday. I’ve been deeply fascinated by the weather ever since my four turbulent, tornado-filled years in Kentucky, and I’ve been wanting one of these since I was a starry-eyed twelve year old who dreamed of becoming a meteorologist and storm chaser.  Can you say NERD? 😉


What have you all been up to this week?




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