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Hello loves! Happy Sunday, wherever you are in the world!

This week has been very quiet and uneventful. Jon worked from home most of the week, and as always, it’s a pleasure to have him around, especially since we’re still getting adjusted to being together again! Hard to believe it’s already been two weeks that I’ve been back! The week has consisted of me starting to get things sorted such as a bank account and my National Insurance Number. I’ve also been doing art and watching The Crown, but other than that, not much has been happening.

Thursday and Saturday were the highlights of the week, really!

Jon and I were both craving Nando’s on Thursday, so we drove to Leicester and kept wondering why it was so insanely busy there! We thought it was snowing, but there was a bubble machine going at high speed and so there was foamy soap drifting and fluttering about everywhere. We found out later that they were turning on the city’s Christmas lights that night and we had no idea, so we missed it! Ack. Oh well, it was still a good dinner. I’m liking Leicester more and more every time I go there, which is excellent, since we’re looking for an apartment there.

Saturday was Amelia’s birthday, and also a surprise wine-and-cheese party for Auntie Jack’s upcoming birthday. It was a fun evening, but I had a bit too much Prosecco. Whoops, won’t be doing that again!!

Now, on to the week’s random-as-heck photos. 😉


Monday, Nov 14

The view from our bedroom window. Those leaves are still holding on, but windy weather was coming through later that week to tear them off.

Tuesday, Nov 15

What happens when I own a lot of pink things in my drawing/music situation!

Wednesday, Nov 16

Jon got me this beauty advent calendar before I returned to the UK. I’m really excited to start opening it on the 1st!

Thursday, Nov 17

What I thought was snow was actually fine bits of foamy soap from a bubble machine.

Friday, Nov 18

Wasn’t feeling well, so when Jon went out for board game night with the lads, I stayed home with a nice sweet curry (mango chicken with coconut rice, tandoori paneer, and some poppadums) and marathoned The Crown. Amazing show, by the way!

Saturday, Nov 19

My weekly shopping trip with Jon’s mum and Nanny Pat was chilly but fun. There’s now Christmas lights up in Belvoir Shopping Centre where we do our thing!

Sunday, Nov 20

On this grey, cold, rainy Sunday, we drove to Appleby Parva to this lovely place we’ve eaten at a couple times before. As usual, I went for their amazing bangers & mash!image8-1


    • Mary says:

      Ahh I’m so excited! I love beauty advent calendars and the little doors inside it are quite big, so I think they’re decent sized products!

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