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Hello all! Happy Sunday, wherever you are in the world! Today marks one full week that I’ve been home in the UK, and I promised myself I’d start Project 365 (a daily photo challenge that I’ve had fun with in years past) to document my first full year here. So I’d like to combine each week’s worth of photos into My Neck of the Woods!

As usual, it’s all a crazy mashup of iPod and Nikon photos, so you’re forewarned! I’m hoping to switch to strictly taking photos with the Nikon as soon as I can. ;P

The week has gone by alarmingly fast. Jon spent much of it working from home, and I spent much of it sleeping off jet lag and organizing/putting away all my belongings and clothes. It took a few days to sink in that I was REALLY here, much less actually LIVING here!!

Monday – Jon and I went to Ashby to have lunch at Zamani’s, one of our favourite restaurants. I had their cream of sweet potato soup to start, followed by a fabulous venison and mash casserole. I love their food and the general atmosphere, so if you’re ever in Ashby de la Zouch you should stop by! Then we stopped by a little food shop where Jon bought me a big bag of various Walkers crisps, and then we meandered into Rose Cottage Tearooms and got super cheap milkshakes.

Whilst examining some of my items from my suitcase, I discovered that I had a casualty. Guess I need to search how to fix broken porcelain!
image2Ah well.

We went to Tesco (exciting, I know) and grabbed some neat treats. Check out these awesome popcorn flavours!

15037331_10154222015483337_7320594424765247202_n image1Wednesday – Jon and I drove to Leicester and met up with our friend Josh at Highcross. I checked out John Lewis for the first time, was enamoured by the beautiful Christmas displays, and purchased some beautiful ornaments. Then it was off to Bodega for fabulous South American food (I had their breaded halloumi burger and Mexican hot chocolate), and Gelato Village for a sweet treat.

p8p9 Thursday – Elaine and I drove up to Loughborough to pick up my BRP card at the post office on High Street. Once I had that pretty pink and blue card in my hands, it finally seemed to register in my mind that immigration was complete and I wasn’t just here for a short visit. I’m a UK RESIDENT!!!

Elaine said it was hard to believe that I really had it in my hands! She had been waiting tensely for so long that it all didn’t seem real just yet!

After we left the post office, we visited several shops. I found, with great delight, that TK Maxx is carrying a few products by TonyMoly, my favourite Korean beauty brand!

Friday – Jon was working from home, and we returned to Rose Cottage Tearooms in Ashby when he got his lunch break. It’s such a charming little place, and their food is truly amazing! I had their baked Camembert and a gingerbread hot chocolate, and Jon had broccoli & Stilton soup and a bacon, Brie, and cranberry panini. Definitely one of my new favourite places.

image4image1-3 image5Afterwards, we walked across the road to Big Udders to get milkshakes. It was getting dark pretty fast, and it was only 4:30. I thought Ashby looked more charming than usual, and there were some truly lovely Christmas displays in various windows…

image2-1image1-2And later, a small number of us gathered at friends’ Simon and Holly’s house to play games. I wound up mostly playing with their new kittens, Hubert and Margery. Margery is pictured here!

image6And the weekend has mostly been spent relaxing at home with one another. I got to do my usual Saturday outing with Elaine and Nanny Pat, which was nice! I sure missed it! Today we took a quick walk around Bradgate Park with Simon and Holly, then went out to dinner with them. I’d only ever seen the park in springtime before, so seeing its lovely rusty autumn colours was really nice. Plus, two red deer stags grazed close to the path, and I was able to get pictures without bothering them! A photographer came by after me and kept getting closer and closer until the pictured stag lifted his head high and slowly sauntered away. Sassy boy! 🙂


And now for the P365 part of the post! Enjoy! 😉


Sunday, Nov. 6thimage4The bus ride from Gatwick to Leicester was a long one!

Monday, Nov. 7th15027974_10154222015383337_4532906777891395425_nI love me some Walkers! The Roast Chicken & Mayonnaise ones are my faves!

Tuesday, Nov. 8th
After Jon went to work, I spent the day putting away all my belongings and organizing the wardrobe and my desk. I was quite proud of it when it was all done, and I settled down to play a little bit of my favourite game!

Wednesday, Nov. 9th
Gelato in Leicester. From right, Chocolate Amaretto; Richard III (rose and forest fruit); and Tiramisu. They were all so good! I think the Richard one was my fave, though.

Thursday, Nov. 10th
Waiting for Elaine at TK Maxx. I don’t even remember how long we spent in this store!

Friday, Nov. 11th
Inside the warm charm that is the Rose Cottage Tearoom. Nobody else was there, which was rather nice!

Saturday, Nov. 12th
Check out my adorable little USB hub that I got from Wilko!! I’d been wanting something like this for ages!

Sunday, Nov. 13th
The calm, kingly stag near the path at Bradgate Park.



  1. luce says:

    lovely photos, I love reading about what people are up to. Looks like you had a fun week, and now I’m craving gingerbread hot chocolate 😉 #PicknMix

    • Mary says:

      Thank you dear Luce! 🙂 It really was fun! This week has been far quieter, which is actually a bit better as I’m still adjusting to being back here. And yes, gingerbread hot chocolate is amazing and I don’t know where it’s been all my life!

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