My Neck of the Woods for Dec 4




Hello everyone! Happy Sunday, wherever you are in the world! Here’s what’s been going on in my neck of the woods this week!

From the last post, you saw that I spent Monday moseying around Nottingham’s city centre after applying for my National Insurance Number. The rest of the week has been pretty quiet with Jon’s holiday mostly spent at home–partially because he wanted to relax and partially because his car tire was destroyed from a big puncture! He ordered the new tire after we got home on Monday, but it wouldn’t be in until Thursday. Argh. It’s been cold and cloudy all week, although today is nice and sunny!

On Tuesday, my Body Shop order came in! Hooray for 40% off and free shipping! The Vanilla Chai is a seasonal scent and is INCREDIBLE, by the way.

image14On Wednesday, Jon and I had our festive afternoon tea at The Cattows in Heather. This tea room and farm shop is one of my favourite places EVER and, as usual, they didn’t disappoint. I chose a nice warm glass of mulled wine instead of tea, and we opened Christmas crackers provided at the table before our awesome food arrived. We both chose the savoury option when booking, and it was absolutely delicious. From their amazing sandwiches to a toasted scone with melty Stilton cheese, to homemade sausage rolls to Grasmere pork pie, to a lovely little mince pie with Grand Marnier cream and caramelized orange, it was all mouth-watering and well enjoyed.

I find it was worth the £15 because it was a special treat and because it’s such a limited-time version of their afternoon tea, which is £11 as it is!

Afterwards. we explored the farm shop and picked up a few nice things, including some mulling syrup, Bloody Mary ketchup, and a pack of fresh pork & apple burgers, which I made for dinner that night.

(How did we get there and back? We slowly drove on Jon’s spare tire. Good thing Cattows is only a mile and a half away!)







On Friday, Jon and I went to lunch at our favourite restaurant then walked around the Coalville shopping centre for a bit. We picked up my early Christmas present – a new phone – and grabbed some foodie treats and wrapping paper. I spent that evening playing with the new phone; it’s a blue Huawei Honor 8 and it’s pretty impressive!

And now for the week in photos! 🙂

Monday, Nov 28

Checking out the intu Victoria Centre after my appointment!

Tuesday, Nov 29

We’ve been having some gorgeous sunsets lately! I’d love to have a west-facing room because I love sunsets, but for now I’ll take photos from Matt’s bedroom!

Wednesday, Nov 30

I really enjoyed our afternoon tea at The Cattows, and our purchases at the farm shop directly afterwards. Here’s the mulling syrup we bought for wine, cider, ice cream, and fruit, along with a non-alcoholic mulled beverage that I imagine is similar to the one I got from IKEA last year!

Thursday, Dec 1

We were going to go to the Birmingham Christmas market today, but it took so long to get Jonno’s cracked wheel fixed and punctured tire (oops, I mean tyre) replaced that it was far too late for us to set out. Still hoping to go at some point!image3-3

Friday, Dec 2

Jon and I drove to Coalville had lunch at Imge, our favourite restaurant!

Saturday, Dec 3

Jon and I went to the Christmas lighting in Coalville this afternoon. It was held in the market car park, and there was also a little food and drinks festival inside the shopping centre where I go every week with Elaine and Nanny Pat. Even with the lights switch-on and the fireworks show immediately afterward, my favourite part was obviously getting to see reindeer!img_20161203_174649

Sunday, Dec 4

A mysterious Amazon package had arrived, and upon opening it I saw that my dear friend Catherine had gotten me a couple things off my wishlist! I’d been wanting Rupi Kaur’s book for ages now and I had discovered these awesome glitter brush pens very recently (and as you can tell from the pen with the green tab removed, I’ve already been testing one of them!). I cried when I opened this package, I really did.




That’s all for this week! What have you all been up to? 🙂



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