My Neck of the Woods for Dec 18


Hello everyone! Happy Sunday, wherever you are in the world! I hope you’ve all had a lovely week. We’re now entering Christmas and Hanukkah week, are you guys as excited as I am? Here’s what’s been going on in my neck of the woods this week with Project 365!



 Monday, Dec 12

Today we got more Christmas decor up! This time we focused on the three fireplaces in the house – this one being in the big sitting room where the Christmas tree is. The ribbon on the wreath is jauntily to one side because the wreath is quite warped when placed the right way (with the bow at the bottom)… lol! It’s fine, we can all do with a bit of oddity in our lives… really… *Hands itch to straighten it*

Tuesday, Dec 13

Today, Graham (Jon’s dad) was feeling well enough to take a trip down to Beesley’s Garden Centre, just behind the house. He, Elaine, Amelia and I went down in the rain and enjoyed the lovely decor around the garden centre and tearoom as we sipped our drinks. They have a delightful Christmas menu on right now, and I indulged in the very thing written on the chalkboard in the below picture! I have a DANG-DIDDLY-HUGE soft spot for Beesley’s <3

Wednesday, Dec 14

This evening brought a choir concert at the local church, which was built in the 14th century. I’ve been fascinated by this church ever since I first saw it last year, but I’d never seen the inside of it. Elaine, Amelia, Jon and I all walked over to see this beautiful little building decorated for Christmas; a little tree in every window and colourful lights and garland strung through. The Christmas music concert was wonderful, and we had free refreshments during intermission. I’ve gotta say, I’ve never had mince pie and a fancy cup of tea while sitting in a church pew before! 🙂

Thursday, Dec 15

Elaine’s had a huge list of things to do around the house before Christmas and the new year. Tons of cleaning, organizing, and decluttering have been the daily tasks, and Amelia and I have been helping her out. The two of us tackled the food cupboard, the little kitchen fridge, and the big fridge/freezer combo in the utility room. I LOVE doing stuff like this, it feels so cleansing for my mind and soul!

Friday, Dec 16

Jon worked from home today, and we went for lunch to a pub in nearby Coleorton. Despite the wine-splashed drinks menu, the pub was a pleasant little place with nice food and equally nice staff! I’d definitely go again.

Saturday, Dec 17

I subscribed to my favourite craft magazine, Mollie Makes, and today I received a special subscriber gift in this fab book and pattern! One of my goals for 2017 is to learn how to sew and I’m very excited about it!!

Sunday, Dec 18

Today was woke up super late, then went with Matt and Lucinda to look at guinea pigs, as Lucinda plans to get one or two of them. Jon and I admired the chinchillas and degus and plotted on what we might get for a small pet when we get our flat in the city. Then we went to Donington Services, where Jon and I both had festive slices from Greggs (chicken, stuffing, and cranberry) and I had Costa for the first time (amaretti latte). Tonight we’re out with our friend Josh to Leicester, woohoo!


Have an awesome week full of sparkly lights and festivities, friends! 🙂

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