My Neck of the Woods – Feb 5

Hello loves! Happy Sunday, wherever you are in the world! Here’s what’s been going on in my neck of the woods…

Last weekend, Jon took a nasty spill and landed on his right elbow and forearm, injuring both. After a couple days of nasty swelling and pain that rendered him unable to drive, we got him to the Urgent Care Centre in Loughborough on Monday afternoon. We got there with an hour to spare until they stopped X-ray services, but he was told he wouldn’t be able to get an X-ray done until the next day but that he could still get it checked out by a doctor. So we waited for absolute ages, and when Jon was finally called back, the doctor breezed in, didn’t look at his arm, and simply said to come back on Tuesday morning.

So, on Tuesday morning, we made our way back to Loughborough. Jon was in and out relatively fast, and they said there was no swelling and no visible break. Wahoo!! Then we crossed the county to Leicester, as Jon had a meeting at work that afternoon. While he had his meeting and worked for a few hours, Elaine and I spent the drizzly afternoon shopping. It was quite good fun, especially at my favourite shop, Primark. We had a full English breakfast at The Friary, then we picked up Jon and went home.

Jon’s arm continued to get worse all week, until yesterday when he received a call from the Urgent Care Centre. A consultant had seen a potential fracture where the radiologist, nurse, and doctor hadn’t. Argh!!! So Jon had to go in this morning and get a collar and cuff fitted. The thing looks a bit silly, but at least he only has to wear it for a week.

Otherwise, the week has been fairly quiet! Here it is in photos!


Monday, Jan 30
Waiting at Urgent Care for Jonno to be seen.

Tuesday, Jan 31
Out in Leicester with Elaine!

Wednesday, Feb 1
More like macra-MESS! Yeesh. I’d like to try again with different material, because despite how awful it looks, it was pretty fun! 😉

Thursday, Feb 2
I’m enjoying making healthier meals and feeling great inside and out. One of my fave breakfasts is egg-stuffed tomatoes and Quorn sausages.

Friday, Feb 3
Woohoo, I’ve got a new granny square finished! A bit of a challenge, but so worth it.

Saturday, Feb 4
A visit from Jon’s uncle, Andrew, and one of his lovely dogs, Jake.

Sunday, Feb 5
Needless to say, Jon’s not impressed by his new double noose! However, it was a conversation starter at a family shindig this afternoon!

What’s been going on in your neck of the woods? 🙂


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