My Neck of the Woods – Feb 26

Hello loves, and a happy Sunday to you, wherever you are in the world! My neck of the woods has contained deep sadness this week. Jon’s nan Grace passed away the same day my friend Stefan did. Grace, at the very least, had lived a very long and lovely life, and she slipped away quietly. She is now free of her mental and physical pain and suffering, and as much as her family will miss her, they are taking comfort in that.

Stefan passed away after complications during brain surgery. He was just trying to get his epilepsy taken care of. He was vibrant, always smiling, and full of wit, zest, and funny quips.  He was twenty nine, with a loving wife and an amazing family who I’d always adored and looked up to. He was one of my very first friends in Canada along with his brother Kent. I recall meeting them both on the very first night I arrived in the country, and they took me to meet the others. They both came in smiling, and Stefan’s toothy grin just lit up the room.

One of my favourite memories of Canada was July 2008, when we went to Stefan’s and Kent’s grandparents’ cottage in eastern Ontario. I’d only been in Canada for a month and was still an anxious, unsocialized pile of awkwardness. I really bonded with everyone that long, heavenly weekend. We went out on the boat a couple times, and one time Stefan gleefully took the wheel. He had us flying over the open water, slapping the rough surface pretty hard and making sharp turns, and even while he was being told to slow it down, he had the biggest grin on his face.

Goodbye, my friend. May you be entertaining and cheering everyone heavenwards. You are already so sorely missed by everyone blessed to have known you.

As though to match up with the sadness, the week has also been very grey and windy. Storm Doris came blasting through the UK with nasty high winds that did a good deal of damage. At our place we lost power several times, a big windblown fox slunk unhappily through the garden as it looked for somewhere to hide, small branches came flinging down, and the noise was always at a dull roar. Before the storm began, the weather enthusiast part of me decided I’d go for my walk in the middle of it, but once Doris hit, I realized how foolish that would be! So I stayed in the safety of our home.

The highlight of the week was certainly our first anniversary. It’s hard to believe it’s been a year already!

Here’s this week’s photos…



Monday, Feb 20
A trip to B&M today yielded a new variegated yarn to use with the afghan I’m making for the 2017 Ravelry challenge.

Tuesday, Feb 21
Trying a new tea flavour tonight. It smells amazing and tastes really nice, and I’m not even a flavoured tea kind of gal.

Wednesday, Feb 22
I bought some miniature daffodils on Monday for just 50p. They’ve slowly been getting taller and taller, and I can’t wait to see them bloom.

Thursday, Feb 23
Today we received a call telling us that Jon’s fragile nan was fading away, so we all went to see her. She was deeply asleep, stirring sometimes in pain. She was to be kept comfortable in her final hours, so she was given injections for the pain. She passed away a few hours later.

Friday, Feb 24
Today we celebrated our first anniversary by going to our favourite Turkish place for dinner, then savouring a toffee pavlova at home and geeking out by playing some games together.

Saturday, Feb 25
Check out this mug I discovered at Home Bargains. Yes, I am DEFINITELY distracted by shiny things! I may have been a magpie in my last life! I do believe this is something I need to pick up next week 😉

Sunday, Feb 26
I’ve been gathering planner pages off Pinterest, as well as making some of my own, to go into a big binder. My mother and I did binders like these a number of years ago now, well before the current planner craze, and had simple sections for journaling about different subject matter. This time around, I’m filling mine with lists, travel and project plans, inspiration found online, crochet patterns, and a diary for my physical and mental health progress. I need to get some washi tape to border the cover image in a far nicer looking way…


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