My Neck of the Woods – Feb 19


Hello everyone! Happy Sunday, wherever you are in the world. What’s been happening in your neck of the woods this week? If you celebrate Valentine’s Day, I hope it was a sweet one! Jon and I don’t really take much notice of it, especially since our anniversary is just ten days after it, so it was a regular lovely day. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but it did have a nice little meal at the end of it made by yours truly!

Spring is definitely on its way. The days are longer, the pungent smell of fertilizer is coming off the fields, daffodils are pushing leaves out of the ground and a huge chorus of birdsong is waking me up at 6am every morning. I don’t mind winter, but a good spring day makes me super happy 🙂

Here’s the week in photos!




Monday, Feb 13
Today I explored a few Coalville charity shops I’d never been to before. Elaine and I were enchanted by the great rainbow piles of scarves that were £1 each, so we dug through them for a while. I came away with two beautiful, silky little scarves to wear on my head with a casual, retro-inspired updo.

Tuesday, Feb 14
One of Elaine’s plants is now in flower, which I’ve never seen it do as I’ve never been here in the winter before!

Wednesday, Feb 15
On my walk today, I encountered a couple big patches of these dainty snowdrops. Spring is on its way!

Thursday, Feb 16
I’ve had so much trouble getting myself to draw that I was getting really frustrated, which wasn’t doing me any favours! But my friend Catherine has the most amazing characters in her various stories, and I was greatly inspired to draw my absolute favourite! I think I may officially be back into art now, so hooray!

Friday, Feb 17
Crochet and coffee make amazing companions, don’t they? The caffeine must just keep me sane while I make granny squares, which is an art form in of itself…

Saturday, Feb 18
My weekly outing with Elaine and Nanny Pat was, uh, enriched by the intense smell of fertilizer wafting off the fields outside town. Another obvious sign of spring approaching! Yet another sign were all these lovely flowers in a stand in the shopping centre.

Sunday, Feb 19
Time to take my monthly measurements to see how well I’ve been doing with these weight-loss shenanigans! I’ve lost 3″ total since last month’s measurements, wahoo!!

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