My Neck of the Woods – Feb 12


Hello, loves! I hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday, wherever you are in the world! My neck of the woods has been chilly and grey for much of the week, with some glorious sunshine on a couple of the days! We had some snowfall on Friday and Saturday, but nothing that really stuck. It was quite beautiful to look at, though, and made me miss Canada. But daffodil leaves are now jutting out of the ground and so I’m looking for more early signs of spring.

Builders were in all week, surrounding the house with scaffolding as they worked to repair the roof and chimneys. One of the scaffolding platforms is right outside our bedroom windows, so we could see legs moving by every now and then. Because of this, we all had to keep our curtains shut all week, which made us feel like we were trapped in a cave! The builders didn’t come on Friday, though, and curtains were being flung open or drawn up and I was relieved to see the sky and trees again!

Jon’s arm is recovering very slowly. It’s hard for him, given that it’s his dominant arm, but he’s been a very good patient thus far. I feel I might be annoying him with my offers to help, though!

I’ve been trying to persuade my artistic creativity to come back by looking at inspiring styles, designs, colour schemes, and images across the web. I’ve also been dressing up my desk a bit more, making it look as pretty and welcoming as I can to coax me into creating. Here’s hoping it all works!

Here’s my week in photos! What have you all been up to lately?


Monday, Feb 6
After the builders left, Elaine and I headed out to Aldi to do our weekly shopping. This is the first bit of scaffolding that went up that day!

Tuesday, Feb 7
The rest of the scaffolding’s gone up today! I can’t remember if the builders had gone to lunch or were gone for the day, but some of the curtains are open again…

Wednesday, Feb 8
Desk decorating, with a Mollie Makes embroidery project in the hoop just at the edge of the pic. The pink rose lights were on special for £2.99 at Aldi, so I really couldn’t pass them up. I think most of you know by just how obsessed I am with the colour pink!

Thursday, Feb 9
Now that I have some lovely stationery thanks to my friend Grace, I’m getting started on a letter to my mom!

Friday, Feb 10
It was pretty bitter and windy on my walk today. The snow stopped as soon as I began my walk, and these looming snow clouds held off until just after I got inside. I got home, refreshed and a bit overheated from my brisk pace, and Elaine, wrapped in several layers and still shivering, declared: “Are you off your head, going out in these temperatures?” I grinned and said “I’m Canadian”. I think it’s more because I have lots of *cough* body insulation, but let’s not talk about that right now.

Saturday, Feb 11
It got really chilly in the house today, and for some reason or another my creativity sparked and I decided to go try out some recipes. Using the oven would warm me up, after all! I made some American-style savoury cheese muffins, along with some tea eggs. These eggs, which are briefly hard-boiled then their shells cracked before being returned to a mixture of water, black tea, Chinese five-spice, and salt, are simmered for hours until the flavour and colour fully penetrates them. When the shells are removed they’re left with this beautiful veiny effect, and they taste wonderfully savoury and smoky.

Sunday, Feb 12
Looking through my cookbooks, wondering just what to whip up next. I’ve discovered (well, re-discovered) that cooking and baking gives me great joy, so I want to do way more of both! The Mary Berry books are just the latest in our big collection.




    • Mary says:

      Thank you! <3 He's fortunate enough that he does programming for a career, so he can do it from home if he has to! 🙂 Have a wonderful week!

    • Mary says:

      No worries! 😀 I do love blowing away the cobwebs… Might be why I was always so clear-headed and able to focus in the winter in Canada, as I walked a lot in the winter… Haha!!

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