My Neck of the Woods – August 6


Hello everyone! Now that I finally have my pc here at the new flat, it’s time for My Neck of the Woods… MOVING EDITION! WOOHOO!

It’s been a chaotic few weeks full of all five senses. There was the smell of flatpack furniture, the sound of barrages of rush-hour buses squealing to a halt right outside the windows, the taste of constant grease-laden takeaway, the sight of cardboard every-freaking-where… And the feel of various hand tools for putting together all that flatpack furniture. It’s also been a moderately unlucky few weeks with a number of things going wrong, which has been immensely frustrating.

But now it seems we are finally settling in, which is a very welcome feeling as August gets underway. Jon and I both adore our flat, and the more we decorate and personalize it, the more it’s becoming “us”. Our personal Avalon.

So now! Behold, the last three weeks in photos! I hope you have a nice drink and a good internet connection, folks.



Monday, July 17
Loading up the car in Ravenstone!

Tuesday, July 18
It’s a mess, but it’s now home!

Wednesday, July 19
The very first book to grace our new home is this birthday present from Amelia!

Thursday, July 20
Enjoying a gorgeous, warm day as I head home from the shopping centre to home.

Friday, July 21
During this Tesco run, we spotted this hilarious candle manipulation in the housewares section.

Saturday, July 22
Paul and Amelia both spent the weekend with us. At one point, the three of us took the lift to the fifth floor to check out the rooftop.

Sunday, July 23
Jon and I back in Ravenstone and heading out with Matt and a friend to go have dinner.

Monday, July 24
Jon and I waiting for our dinner on a very quiet early evening.

Tuesday, July 25
Groupon delivery! I spent the afternoon building this sideboard.

Wednesday, July 26
Building furniture and indulging in my RuPaul obsession? Yes please!

Thursday, July 27
A rainy afternoon and my beautiful birthday flowers from Nanny Pat.

Friday, July 28
Yoo-hoo, another Groupon delivery! This time it’s a flatpack coffee table. 

Saturday, July 29
I picked up this beauty at a charity shop just up the street. It’s going in my craft room!

Sunday, July 30
I love these huge windows, but I really need to clean the outsides!

Monday, July 31
Jon and I have been knocked down by nasty flu-like symptoms, so we spent the day in bed. I nurtured myself with some Knorr pickle soup.

Tuesday, August 1
I picked up these cloud shelves at Tiger, and I just got them put up in my craft room. What shall I put on them?

Wednesday, August 2
A trip to Wilko for necessities had me having domestic daydreams about… lamps?

Thursday, August 3
We finally got the fob for underground parking today while Jon was at work. So when he drove home, I met him out back so I could hand him the fob and so he could get in to park.

Friday, August 4
Walking up the street to get a new power cable for my computer. The day was warm and beautiful, and this tree was full of clouds of rowanberries.

Saturday, August 5
The Leicester Caribbean Carnival was today, and we got to watch the parade right from our windows!

Sunday, August 6
You better believe this is just the start of my colourful desk/craft room! (Well and I would hope so, given that there’s not much here anyway!)


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