My Neck of the Woods – August 27


Hello all! Happy Sunday in your neck of the woods, and happy bank holiday to folks in the UK!

This week, my mental health has begun to improve. It’s a welcome change to wake up and actually have the energy to get out of bed and shower, and to feel “okay” instead of feeling detached and in a thick grey fog. It’s rare that I truly feel “good”: my mental state can be like a spotlessly clean bedroom and look good, but the closet is dangerously stuffed full of crap and about to burst all over the place.  Right now, there’s a chair jammed under that closet doorknob, so it can’t burst as easily. So I’ll take feeling “okay” over that mess constantly covering every inch of my mind!

Around the end of the week was when I started to feel okay and look forward to things again. I finally decided it was high time to really start exploring this city of mine and also start appreciating it for what it is. I will always miss Toronto, but there are a lot of great and lovely things here too! And besides, we live practically next to the train station, which can whisk me off to Nottingham, Birmingham, or even London whenever I want.

Here are a few shots from right around the corner from us. I admire the architecture in the city, with its gorgeous mixes of styles and eras.


Walking under the shadow of the Curve…

Inside Bru Coffee & Gelato, which we discovered on Friday night after Canteen…

What are you UK folks up to this weekend?

And now for the week in photos!


Monday, August 21
As I was unable to make it to North America to see the solar eclipse, I watched NASA’s live stream instead as totality occurred place by place across the US.

Tuesday, August 22
Candles and fairy lights add a nice touch to our nest! Now to get more candles and more greenery!

Wednesday, August 23
I didn’t have any place to put magnets since our fridge is under the cabinets, but then I realized there’s a metal bit in the main room! Yeeesss!

Thursday, August 24
Back at The Parcel Yard today for dinner.

Friday, August 25
I won free food and a free cocktail pitcher for Jon and I at Canteen! Now THIS is what I call a pitcher!

Saturday, August 26
The embroidered, laser-cut wood earrings Jon got me at the Makers Yard!

Sunday, August 27
Back at Bru this evening for dessert after a big meal out with Matt and Keyes. My cinnamon and peanut butter gelato is in the front, Jon’s pistachio and mint choc is in the back, and to the left is my cinnamon latte. Glorious.


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