My Neck of the Woods – August 20


Hello, everyone. I hope you’ve been having a proactive week in your neck of the woods. Amelia stayed with us most of this week, and we had a great time obsessing over past seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race and a Steam game the three of us quickly got fixated on. It was a good week and it culminated in us driving Amelia home and getting to visit with Elaine and Graham, who we hadn’t seen since the very beginning of the month.  City living is great, but it’s nice to be able to hear the wind in the trees again and walk through that big house that was my first home in England.

Here’s the week in photos!


Monday, August 14
Dinner at The Peking again, always a great experience with gorgeous food and an extremely friendly, outgoing owner who made us feel like family the first time we went.

Tuesday, August 15
This is the game the three of us got hooked on and it’s called Vertiginous Golf! We would end up playing it every evening this week.

Wednesday, August 16
Amelia and I walked to Primark today, then decided to get lunch at Subway. We stood outside waiting for Jon (who was working from home) to pop over and meet us.

Thursday, August 17
We watched Moana for the first time, and when there was a brief toilet break and the movie was paused, I laughed at the frozen screen.

Friday, August 18
I received a lovely housewarming card from my mother, along with this packet of herb seeds because she knew I want to have kitchen herbs growing on my windowsill! I had to go right out and get starter trays, pots, and soil for them!

Saturday, August 19
The fire alarm system in our building is showing as a bit faulty, with one of the alarms going off every morning. Leicestershire Fire & Rescue Services came in (well, I had to let them into the building as they didn’t have the entry codes, which they were NOT happy about) and were fiddling with it, so a few of the alarms started going off.

Sunday, August 20
I’m already setting up my September pages in my bullet journal in the wee hours… All with a good cup of tea and cozy Pusheen pj bottoms.

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