My Neck of the Woods – August 13


Good evening, everyone! I hope you’ve all had a fabulous week in your neck of the woods.

This week I participated for my second year in GISHWHES (the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen) and had a lot of fun with some creative tasks. Along with Liat, Alora, Ola, and Monica, we were mixed with some truly awesome folks to make up our energetic, friendly team this year. We ended up performing about half the hunt’s tasks in total, which was quite an accomplishment! I’m so proud of us! We’ll find out eventually if any of our completed tasks made it into the GISHWHES book, too!

The apartment has quickly come together with some finishing touches, and it really feels like a home now. It’s a good, welcoming place to come to any day of the week.

If you couldn’t tell by my writing the other day, I’m battling a particularly intense bout of homesickness. Symptoms of my mental illness have dramatically worsened as well, and I am trying to work through both of these things on my own. It’s so frustrating to deal with. I’ve felt a smidge better for the last two days, which has gotten me back into writing and planning art again. I’m struggling, emotionally and mentally, but Heaven knows I want to create again.

Here’s the week in photos!



Monday, August 7
I nipped up to Wilko to grab a few things for the apartment, and wound up getting these LED lights as well as the glass bottles on the sideboard.

Tuesday, August 8
At a certain point in the afternoon, if the blinds are shut, the wall becomes quite surprised.

Wednesday, August 9
Well, the frame under the bed decided to give way this morning, so I hauled off the heavy mattress and got to work. I ended up taking off all the slats before realizing I didn’t need to, so after this pic I had to screw them all back on and go at it from a different angle! But it was fixed in the end, and it was the end of such an exciting day ;P

Thursday, August 10
After Jon got off work, I met him at The Parcel Yard, a pub next to the train station. As the name implies, the building used to be a sorting office and parcel yard for the railway. We both had fabulous burgers and desserts here, and we both love that it’s a five minute walk from home.

Friday, August 11
I’m a couple months behind in my year of afghan squares, so I’m working on one for June!

Saturday, August 12
Jon and I were watching Netflix when we heard a lot of honking outside. We looked out our windows and saw a big traffic jam on one side of Charles Street, and people were leaving taxis and other people were getting out of their cars to look. Jon and I walked outside to see what was going on and noticed paramedics attending to a woman lying in the road. My stomach bottomed out until I saw that she was talking and moving her hands and arms.  As we didn’t want to just stand around and gawk, we went back inside and the road was cleared up in about twenty minutes. I hope the person is all right.

Sunday, August 13
Today feels like a day to work in my planning journal and write down some recipes I’d like to make in the near future. Sorry for the wobbly lines–I made this list after I’d lost my ruler but before I’d purchased another one! ;P

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