My Neck of the Woods – April 30

Hello loves! Happy Sunday in your neck of the woods!

Are you ready for a brand-new month to begin? I swear April went by in a rush of flower-filled air. I’ve been living in the UK for nearly six months now… SIX MONTHS! Any time I’ve been here on a visit, I was desperately holding on to the days, weeks and months, only to have them slip, sand-like, from my fingers. I would dread the changing of seasons, because they were always a visual countdown to when I’d have to return home to Canada and not see Jon for another five to seven months. But now, as my sixth month approaches on May the 6th, there’s no flight booked. There’s no dread, or uncertainty, or grief. Instead, we continue to live–uninterrupted. And that is something I can never, ever take for granted.

We haven’t done much this week. Amelia’s gotten me hooked beyond the point of no return on Rupaul’s Drag Race, so we’ve been watching that and slowly catching up to the latest season. I’ve been plotting blog entries, artwork, and working on painting an entry for the Draw A Dot. open call.

I finally changed up my walking route and went through the bright golden field that I’ve been eyeing up for a couple of weeks now, and it was just gorgeous! There’s nothing quite as nice as walking on earth instead of pavement, especially when you’re surrounded by such loveliness! Check it out below as I show you the pictures throughout the week:


Monday, April 24
I got myself more roses to brighten up the windowsill. I love how vibrant they are!

Tuesday, April 25
My walk through a gorgeously golden field, with a big swath of incoming rain on the horizon. I would later get hailed/sleeted on!

Wednesday, April 26
Happy Jamberry mail! One of my sisters was having a Jam party, so I ordered some wraps so she could meet her reward goal (and so I could score some new pretties!)

Thursday, April 27
Oh, how I live for sunlight at 8:30 in the evening!

Friday, April 28
Sketching my entry for the Draw A Dot. open call and getting ready to paint!

Saturday, April 29
An evening out at Bodega was busy, busy, busy! Good thing I booked our table ahead of time! Jon and I stuffed ourselves on delicious food, and of course I had to indulge in a lovely horchata or two.

Sunday, April 30
Woolly grey skies and warm air were on the agenda today!

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