My Neck of the Woods – April 23

Hello loves! Happy Sunday! What’s been happening in your neck of the woods? I’ve been getting geared up with lots of sources of inspiration, including art, poetry, nature, and my idea sketchbook. I’ve just ordered paintbrushes, a paint tray, canvas paper, and a set of gouache paints from Amazon today and they’re arriving tomorrow (thank youuuu Amazon Prime!), and I plan to immediately sit down with them as soon as the lovely postman hands them over to me.

Here’s to what I hope will be a fabulously creative week!

And here’s this week in photos!



Monday, April 17
It’s that gorgeous pink tree again, this time completely bloomed!  It looks like a massive pink cloud.

Tuesday, April 18
Whoops, I didn’t think I’d post another food picture! But I loved all the colours in my lunch!

Wednesday, April 19
And speaking of colours, here are my markers spread out for my last blog post featuring swatches!

Thursday, April 20
I finally swallowed my nerve and had another look at April’s twelve inch BAMCAL afghan square… And was still too intimidated. So I found a super easy pattern and did that instead!

Friday, April 21
Finishing up a successful five consecutive days of exercise with Coach Nicole and

Saturday, April 22
Ahhh yes, my wee otamatone arrived about a month before it was supposed to! Check out how hilariously cute otamatones are by checking them out on Youtube!

Sunday, April 23
A lovely lunch with Jon and Amelia at Wetherspoons on a gorgeous, warm afternoon.

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