My Neck of the Woods – April 2


Hello friends! Happy Sunday in your neck of the woods! Spring is riding high now with warm afternoons and raucous birdsong. Clouds of yellow, purple, pink, and white fill Ravenstone, and little butterflies flutter and great fat bees buzz about.

It’s a great time to get outside for exercise, which I’ve been trying to do more frequently. I just joined the 2017 Spring 5% Challenge on SparkPeople. Between April 8th and June 3rd, I’ll be working with a team where we all work to lose 5% of our current weight. For me this means nearly ten pounds, and I’m quite nervous but also excited at the prospect of being that much healthier and trimmer by summer! I know my knees and feet will thank me most of all.

I had to take a day to physically recover from the travel and walking from last weekend, but then I was back on my feet. With warmer weather here, I’m checking out several European cities to choose from for a little holiday later this year. I’ll be talking about them soon in another post!

And now on to the week in photos!


Monday, March 27
There’s not much room for me to display my little collection of travel trinkets, which are currently only from two countries, but I’m planning on a nice shelf as my collection eventually grows bigger.

Tuesday, March 28
Since I recovered, it’s back to my walk. It was cloudy but mild today, with lots of flowers peering out over garden walls to see what was happening.

Wednesday, March 29

Thursday, March 30
It’s been a while since Jon and I have been in Leicester, both due to his broken arm and then his car getting a coolant leak. Tonight I suggested we go to Bodega in Highcross!

Friday, March 31
It’s that time of year again; the magnolia trees have bloomed in all their pink glory! I always look forward to these!

Saturday, April 1
Finishing up my monthly 12-inch afghan square by whipping up some shimmery flowers. They’re different to the ones in the pattern but I liked these better!

Sunday, April 2 
I was walking out of the bathroom when I looked down at the front door and saw this. A neighbour was walking her pup and came over to chat with Elaine and Graham!

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