My Neck of the Woods – April 10


Hello loves! Sorry for the late post, but I was preoccupied by two of our friends being here for the weekend! Paul drove down from up north on Friday, and we spent the evening out to dinner, and then playing games, and then going to Tesco for snacks and beer (seriously, midnight Tesco runs are a big deal in this house). On Saturday there was a lunch outing, and then Jon and I took Paul to Leicester to explore a wee bit of Highcross, have dinner at Grillstock, and have dessert at Gelato Village.

Paul had gotten the random idea of driving up to Leeds to kidnap his amazing girlfriend, Tessa, who is there for university and work. We’d wanted to go get her on Saturday, but she was working on Sunday afternoon so we decided to go get her after her shift. Woohoo, road trip to Leeds!

It was my first time in the city, so I was really fascinated by the beautiful Victorian buildings there.  The Victoria Arcade is where Tessa works, and it’s filled with high-end shops and some pretty fabulous architecture. I love the arched ceilings, mosaics, and wrought-iron balconies of this place. I thought it looked like a shopping palace! If you’re ever in Leeds, a walk through this place should be high on your list of things to do! There’s even a white grand piano in the centre, and I regret not taking a photo of it.

I’d love to go back and spend the whole day exploring. We didn’t enter this awesome market building, but I really want to go see what can be seen!

I spotted an East Asian supermarket and stopped in to see what they had. I haven’t had access to a lot of East Asian foods and snacks since I left the Toronto area, and I was quite excited to find the okonomiyaki crisps that the girls and I always lusted after and bought every time we went to Pacific Mall. We hadn’t see them in so long, so I gasped aloud when I saw several bags of them!

After I’d gleefully purchased a couple bags of them along with a few other snacks, We walked to the Leeds Corn Exchange, a revamped, spherical, Victorian-era building full of quirky shops. I already want to go back and check out all the shops. It was like walking into some kind of airship!

It was in here where Paul pointed to a shop called Yellow Sunrise, and said Tessa absolutely loved it and that it was full of hippie stuff.  Well, naturally I had to make a beeline for it! As soon as I stepped inside I was bombarded by wonderful things made of polished wood and of coloured glass.  It smelled mildly of incense, and beautiful suncatchers and lamps hung everywhere.  There were crystals, and wooden percussion instruments, and fabric lucky cats, and multicoloured textiles, and beautiful boxes and drawers fit to hold fantastic little things.

This gorgeous rainbow box immediately caught my eye, and after thinking about it for a bit as I slowly made my way through the shop, I snagged it.

I also picked up a good-sized leatherbound journal with handmade paper. I’d been wanting a bigger one than the tiny thing I purchased at Toronto’s Big on Bloor festival several years ago. I love the rose quartz setting!  The book smells of soap and incense instead of leather and paper, and it’s a nice smell that I hope doesn’t fade soon.

After that, we returned to the Victoria Arcade, as Tessa was finishing work by then. We made our way to Nando’s and had dinner, then we headed back to Paul’s car and made the drive back south. It was a lot of fun reconnecting with Tessa, because even with anxiety issues, she can make you feel comfortable right away and I always enjoy hearing what she has to say.  We had a fun night, and much junk food was consumed! I was so sad to see Paul and Tessa leave late this morning, and I hope we can see them again as soon as possible.



Here’s my week in photos!

Monday, April 3
Today was actually cold enough for me to have to wear my parka again during my walk!

Tuesday, April 4
This was an accidental photo, but I like it. Haphazard journal and art supplies, and a working Jon at the top left!

Wednesday, April 5
Colour all over Ravenstone!

Thursday, April 6
This is a public footpath through ripening rapeseed fields here in Ravenstone. It almost looks magical! I didn’t travel down this path today, but I’m going to next week just to see where I wind up.

Friday, April 7
We took Paul to Imge this evening. Amelia came with us and Josh came as well so he could finally meet Paul!

Saturday, April 8
A delicious little cup of coffee and chocolate brownie gelato after a summery day.

Sunday, April 9
Spending time being utterly entranced by every colourful item tightly packed into Yellow Sunrise. The lads were having a chuckle at my fascination, but I could’ve stayed there all day!

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