My Likes and Loves – September 2018

Hi everyone! This is my monthly happy post where I list the things I have liked and loved. It’s all thanks to A Cornish Mum for creating a link party stemming from her own monthly likes & loves lists!

MY LIKES AND LOVES – September 2018

♥ Finishing my first knitting project! ♥ Knitting is one of those skills that has gone over my head SO many times when I’ve tried to learn in the past. It was frustrating, but I never wanted to give up. I motivated myself by buying a set of needles and a book. And here’s my first project! It’s probably the wonkiest mug cosy ever, but I made it and I finished it and I’m pleased. Besides, the yarn is super soft!

♥ Learning guitar ♥ A friend is letting me borrow one of their guitars so I can start learning. When I was younger, it was always my dream to learn, but I haven’t so much as touched a guitar since I was about fifteen, and that was an acoustic!

♥ Pride ♥ Celebrating the queer community at Leicester Pride is something I’ve been looking forward to since last year. And the ends of my hair had been freshly dyed in stripes of pink, purple and blue, so I was more than ready!

♥ Plus+ ♥ I was so happy to find this book at my library! I was really inspired by all the plus-fashion mavens shown.

A weekend in Ravenstone ♥ Amelia came and picked us up after work one Friday night (since Jon’s car is currently out of commission) and we got to spend the weekend back in the Leicestershire countryside. Even though we went out and did stuff, I still found it wonderfully refreshing and relaxing.

♥ Making friends with a snowy owl ♥ On the Ravenstone weekend, Matt took Jon and I out to a food and drink festival in Tamworth. There I got to engage with a beautiful owl named Archie while his handler told me all kinds of things about birds of prey and, upon recognizing the Toronto parts of my accent, asked WHY we hadn’t moved over there because there’s “nothing in this country”! It was a very interesting conversation! And there are plenty of things here for me in this chapter of life!

  • ♥ The Rainy Day Jazz music stream on Youtube ♥ Seriously, I swear this has been making me far more productive. This and lo-fi, hip hop jazz, and similar make me feel very cosy and cheerful, whether I’m drawing, crocheting, working in my bullet journal, or just chilling.
  • ♥ Autumn’s arrival ♥ Nothing seems to rejuvenate my soul quite so much as autumn, and celebrating the Equinox is just the beginning to my favourite season!


  1. Jaylan (Diapers at Dawn) says:

    I feel the same about Autumn, I’ve started lighting Autumn scented candles around the house to really get into the spirit of it all! My dad forgot his Bose speakers round ours after my daughters birthday so I decided to make use of it till we give it back, I’ve really got in to putting on some soul music whilst cooking and chilling, like you said it makes you feel a lot more relaxed and cheerful x #LikedandLoved
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