My Likes and Loves – July 2018

Hi everyone! This is my monthly happy post where I list the things I have liked and loved. It’s all thanks to A Cornish Mum for creating a link party stemming from her own monthly likes & loves lists!



♥ Long city walks ♥
Jon and I have gone on really lovely walks around Leicester this month. We don’t always go very far, but we tend to find little places to explore. This photo was from Castle Gardens. We eventually wound our way back and had pizza and beer at Brewdog to cap off the warm evening.

♥ 1940s weekend at the Black Country Living Museum ♥
A small group of us (some of us dressed up) went to this wartime-themed event. It was a fun time, and I’ve really got a hankering to go back to to the museum on a normal day to see it in action!

♥ The Leicester Outdoor Market ♥
I’ve never really made good use of the market before. I keep meaning to, then just never go even though it’s only a few minutes away from our flat. When I finally went to buy some fresh fruit and veg on Friday morning, I was pleased by the prices and decided to only ever buy our produce from here from now on!

♥ This gorgeous handbag by Banned ♥
An unexpected purchase this month, I felt my heart flutter a bit when I caught sight of this bag at Pommy Granit in the Odeon Arcade. I didn’t even know Pommy Granit existed until this past week, and I’m in love because I’m a fan of alternative clothing and accessories! This bag is nice and roomy, and it even sits nicely with its big strap on my shoulder (most shoulder bags simply fall off my sloped shoulders)!

♥ RAIN! ♥
Even those of us who have been flourishing in the constant heat and sun these past several weeks can’t deny that the country has badly needed a good rainfall.  And, to be quite honest, Jon and I fare very poorly in heat and have been absolutely smothered in our greenhouse of a flat–even with fans doing overtime!  The world–and my mind–seem so clean and rejuvenated. And I can actually function now without melting, as the past couple of days have been so cool!

♥ My spiritual journal ♥
I’m so happy that I’ve gotten the motivation and inspiration back to work in this beautiful journal I got last year in Leeds. I’m still not quite sure about my spiritual path, but what I’m currently doing gives me a lot of peace and happiness, and isn’t that the most important thing?

♥ Refreshing milkshakes from Bru ♥
I love anything and everything on Bru’s seasonal menu, and now they’ve got a peaches and cream milkshake for the summer! It was LOVELY. So was Jon’s, which was the caramel Biscoff shake.

♥ The Body Shop fragrances ♥
On my birthday, I snapped up these gorgeous perfumes. Nigritella has a wonderful liquorice note, and Smokey Rose is just as fabulous as last year’s Red Musk was (which I stockpiled once it got discontinued)! I admit I’m a bit of a fragrance hog!

♥ Poetry reading at Curve ♥
Powerfully political with a good dose of humour intertwined, this was a really fascinating show. The accompanying live music suited it very well! It was nice to attend something at Curve again, as we haven’t been since we saw Scrooge last December.


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