My Likes and Loves – August 2018

Hi everyone! This is my monthly happy post where I list the things I have liked and loved. It’s all thanks to A Cornish Mum for creating a link party stemming from her own monthly likes & loves lists!

MY LIKES AND LOVES – August 2018

♥ Prana Cafe ♥

Prana is a vegan cafe around the corner from us (but isn’t everything?), next to the fountain at Town Hall. I believe it used to be a bank, which might explain why the outside looks so intimidating! Inside, it’s a gorgeous white and red ceiling, agreeable music, and some really nice food and drinks. Jon had a beetroot latte and I had my current favourite, a matcha latte, and they were both lovely.

♥ Conveyer Belt Sushi ♥

I haven’t had sushi in a couple of years now! Liat, Alora and I used to go fairly often, but it was All You Can Eat and everything was directly served to our table. Here at Yo! Sushi at Highcross, you can order things from the menu or you can grab up something tempting off the conveyer belt that wraps around the preparing station. It was a lot of fun, and despite being very expensive, it was worth it for the experience and the delicious food. 

♥ Curve Members Only Event ♥

I’ve been wanting to see Fiddler on the Roof for years now. When Curve Theatre emailed Jon (the holder of our Curve membership) about a private event where we would get to tour the working innards of the theatre and enjoy a drink or two before seeing the show, we were all in.  It was so neat to be under the stage, in the orchestra pit, and walking through while the cast were warming up for the show that evening! Curve is only ten years old this year, and it’s done so fabulously that I think it will be around for a long time to come. Simon and Holly joined us for the show, and it was truly amazing and performed by a wonderful cast of one hundred.

♥ Guildhall Museum ♥

Jon and I happened to wander in one day when we were looking for a weekend festival. We decided to check it out because we’d never been in before, and after paying £1 each, we got to explore this little museum of Leicester’s history. As someone who is forever fascinated by history, I love how Britain is utterly teeming with it everywhere you look. The oldest part of the Guildhall was constructed in 1390!

♥ Signs of Autumn ♥

By now, you all must know that I’m wild about all things fall. I’ve never been able to tolerate summer heat or sun very well, even as a kid and ESPECIALLY since we now live in such a greenhouse of an apartment, so it’s always a relief when cool nights start rolling in. After weeks of prolonged heat waves seem to have finally vanished, I saw this gorgeous display at TK Maxx. AUTUMN IS COMING AT LAST!

♥ This Incredibly Indulgent Waffle ♥

After we went through a terrible, no-good couple of days of apartment/letting agents/building manager/leak above our flat/no electricity troubles, Jon and I soothed our frayed nerves by having dessert at Creams. I went for their popular bubble pop waffle, but the machine was broken so I got a regular waffle instead. I didn’t even care, because it was just HEAVENLY, FRIENDS. Strawberry and bubblegum gelato, vanilla soft serve, strawberry and bubblegum sauces, Smarties, and sprinkles!

♥ Yarn Shopping ♥

“I should really use up some of my yarn before buying more,” I thought to myself as Jon and I stepped into Knit One and then Button Boutique, both close in proximity to each other in the Arcades. But then the temptation was too great. I didn’t seem to be in control of my hands as they wandered, feeling alpaca this and silky that. I grabbed up some super bulky and some orchid-coloured worsted, as well as a bag of toy stuffing for 50p and some teardrop beads for other upcoming projects!

♥ Caribbean Carnival ♥

I already blogged about the Caribbean Carnival Parade that wound through the city centre, but it really was so much fun to watch! The vibrant joy and pride was palpable.

♥ Lovely Hot Drinks ♥

I’ve had some really great drinks this month at various places in city centre. The Coffee Counter and 200 Degrees immediately became two favourite spots. Both of them serve good drinks, desserts, and sandwiches. I’ve been enjoying some delicious matcha lattes lately, and at 200 Degrees I tried a London Fog (Earl Grey latte) for the first time. Even when the weather is pleasantly warm, there’s still nothing quite as comforting as a hot cup of something.

♥ Lovely Alcoholic Drinks ♥

Besides hot drinks, Jon and I have been enjoying a boatload of marvelous cocktails at various bars. This one is from Spirits, and it’s definitely a new fave place for us!




  1. Sarah says:

    It sounds like you’ve had a fab month – there’s something about yard isn’t there? I’ve haven’t knitted anything for ages but I could spend hours in a wool shop! #LikedandLoved

  2. Donna says:

    Oh my gosh that waffle looks amazing – and I’m loving how autumnal everything is now. We came back from holiday on 2nd September and autumn was everywhere! x

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