My Birthday

Hello loves! Happy Monday, wherever you are in the world!

I turned 32 on Friday. I stopped caring about my age pretty recently, and decided to live each day as it comes, with happiness and no unnecessary changing of the things I love and enjoy. I’m me, no matter if I’m 12 or if I’m 90, and I am proud of that.

The girls asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday, and I decided I wanted to do something that the girls and I all love to do together.

So we took Susie and went to Pacific Mall and Curry’s. Pacific Mall is a dearly loved tradition for the girls and I, and has been so since before I moved in with them. In fact, before I moved in, I would feel SO sad when we would have to part ways at Yonge & Steeles! So now we all go home together, basking in the afterglow of the fun we had, and relax and enjoy our fabulous Japanese snacks.

As usual, we had a lot of fun. Susie and the girls really spoiled me with food and little gifts as we walked around, exploring our favourite shops.
13754122_10153902700913337_2178987132700378565_n13754175_10153902701503337_201493173144722080_n13700222_10153902701728337_431308825511578514_n13716200_10153902702293337_4324116372716473951_n13700070_10153902704773337_6291922989151416933_nWe had some bubble tea and enjoyed our favourite foods: lamb skewers, fish balls, potato spirals, and popcorn chicken. I think that’s our most loved part about P-Mall: the FOOD!

13775377_10153902700998337_7138580841085111389_n13769608_10153902701388337_6774222688661940167_n13669061_10153902705788337_4859241916118519739_n13770475_10153902706078337_2098750580024242674_nI picked up a few neat things for myself, mainly at Ichiban Living, which is a really neat shop where everything is $2.

At Curry’s, we like to just walk around and breathe it all in. I picked up some new art supplies! Exciting times!

13754481_10153902706678337_3725829448044363245_nOn Saturday, Ashley came over with a chocolate peanut-butter ice cream cake for Anthony’s and my birthdays! And then she and Anthony gave me a Michaels gift card so that I can get more Copic markers 🙂

Yesterday, the girls and I went with Anthony and Ashley down to Niagara Falls to celebrate both Anthony’s and my birthdays, as we’re only two days apart. It was a hot day and quite crowded, and the traffic on the QEW was bad heading down, but we had a really good time!

We slowly walked down Clifton Hill, exploring all the familiar shops, stopping in the Fudge Factory to buy Nanaimo bars and in the Hershey and Coke stores to explore. I got a Reese’s cup lip balm from the Hershey store, how cute is that? And Ashley got a float from the Coke store! Then we walked along the falls, taking in the gorgeous sight and the misty white roar.

13692511_10153901879638337_3469491428801956648_n13726600_10153901881483337_4892023980558425564_nDSC_006613700082_10153901885048337_1861483172627825316_n13710013_10153901884753337_5186258832627826061_nIt was wonderful to be at the falls again. Last time I’d been was the first time Jonno had ever come to Canada, which was in 2013. I can now say I’ve seen the falls in all four seasons!

We drove to the Niagara Botanical Garden, which the girls and I saw a little bit of before we left to go find dinner.
13692719_10153901885948337_4810998628505531952_n13699993_10153901886693337_1803122810732054018_n13775948_10153901886848337_6781155104804081670_n13726829_10153901887543337_965840234117944369_n13669808_10153901885953337_5839336301737417101_n13716105_10153901886923337_726886333185872112_nAs we were leaving, we saw a few does wandering around the peaceful area. All whitetails with tawny-red coats; one of them gracefully loping away, some grazing, and one was uncertainly trotting alongside the road while another peeked out of the trees with her soft brown eyes. We slowed down the car so we wouldn’t frighten the doe walking by the road, but we could tell she was trying to get under the cover of tall grass and trees. She followed the fence until she came to the corner of it, then she quickly walked into the grass and vanished as though by magic.

The sun was setting in a golden-red glory, casting everything in that wonderful glow that only the summer sun can do. We drove around for a while, exploring Niagara-on-the-lake and a bit of St. Catharines. It was all so peaceful and beautiful, and the vineyards all gleamed gold.

In a final beautiful blaze, the sun turned red and slowly sank out of sight.

13770474_10153901887833337_3382586133201036074_nSo that wrapped up a wonderful birthday weekend!

Now my 32nd year begins in happiness, hopefully with much joy and blessing for the coming year, with a lot of wonderful moments, and lots of growth and healing, and plenty of excitement.

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  1. Debbie says:

    Beautiful post! What a lovely birthday for you my love! Your photos are breathtaking and your words written as if I was right there with you <3 Love you <3

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