My 2017 List o’ Stuff

Hello loves! I hope you’re having a wonderful Wednesday, wherever you are in the world. Today I’m sharing some fun goals I have for this year!

I love to set some goals up every year, from fun creative things to self-improvement to travel. I usually have a full list of 100 Things to Do, inspired by the list of the same name featured in Leonie Dawson’s Shining Year workbooks. This year’s list isn’t complete, however, but I thought I’d tell you about all the things I have so far!


-Crochet a temperature scarf chronicling the daily temp throughout my first year in England. It was originally going to be an afghan, but I thought a scarf would be more fun!

-Crochet an afghan along with this lovely group on Ravelry (my mom’s doing it too!).
-Purchase and complete this Toronto cross stitch design from Etsy. Cross stitch frustrates me but I want to learn more!
-Make this crochet pizza garland for my desk.
-Finally crochet this dang pizza scarf! I’ve only had Twinkie Chan’s book for… Let’s see… Five or six years now!
-Design hand-sewn dolls to sell here on the site.
-Design hand-sewn felt book covers to sell here on the site.
-Start creating my own custom oracle deck.
-Finish a short novel, dangit.
-Completely catch up with digital scrapbooking. I’m WELL behind! O_O
-Organize my wardrobe via the Closet app and work on my new, vintage-inspired style!


-Pay close attention to the list of positive things I wrote down about myself. Look at these every morning and every night.

-Say esteem-boosting affirmations to myself every night before bed.
-Actively work on my self-esteem issues.
-Become more assertive in everyday life.
-End my personal hypocrisy issues.
-Don’t be afraid to open up to friends.
-Get healthier.
-Take good care of my skin.




-Learn to sew.
-Learn to knit.
– Finish A1 German.
-Learn to make my own soaps.
-Re-learn some basic HTML. It’s been years!
-Keep learning Ruby code.
-Learn some tips and techniques on watercolour painting.
-Learn to draw digitally.
-Learn how to adult better. I struggle a lot with this one!



– A fresh fruit tart.
– Everything in my Great British Bake Off calendar! This month it’s rugelach.
– Mango lassi.
– Eggnog.
– Tea eggs.
– Quiche.
– Earl grey-infused chocolate.
– Floral creams (some with rose, some with lilac!)
– Pretty much everything in the Sirocco cookbook.
– Pretty much everything in The Cardamom Trail cookbook! It’s an amazing book!
– Pretty much everything in the Our Korean Kitchen cookbook, too! Yesss! This is my year for cooking and baking, folks! I’m excited!

EXTRA: I also have a list of fruit to try that I’ve never had before: quince, longanberry, papaya, passionfruit, tamarind, pomelo, fig, durian, rambutan, apricot, kumquat, and purple mangosteen are all on that sub-list. I’ve had some of these fruits’ flavourings in things before, such as juice drinks and preserves, but not the fruits themselves!


(This list is a bit difficult as it’s harder to arrange to go places, especially the ones that are farther away! But here’s what I’d like to see, and even if we can only see a couple of these things, I’ll be satisfied!)

-Twycross Zoo
-Somewhere in beautiful Wales
-Dover’s white cliffs
-Back to Cumbria to visit our friends Paul and Tessa, and maybe to see more of the Lake District!
-Birmingham’s Chinatown
– Japan Centre in London
– Random nearby places I’ve never been; towns, villages, and cities!
-We want to go somewhere in Europe this year, but we have yet to decide where. Our options include (but aren’t limited to) Prague, Munich, Amsterdam, Brugge, Dubrovnik, and Hallstatt. We may even return to Switzerland!
I’m excited to share this List o’ Stuff with you all and work on it throughout the year!


What do you have in mind for 2017, lovelies?

[Special thanks to Rayedwards on DeviantArt for the bokeh textures seen throughout this post!]

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