My 2015 Mini Love Letter

Hello, goddesses.

The year quickly ends in a softly blurred vista of snow (finally).

2015 was a year of love, joy, and healing for me. Connecting with my inner abundance and bringing it to the surface. Solving many internal issues. Getting healthier. Being happy. Doing lots of fun little things.

I went north to a friend’s cottage and basked in the snow and the quiet. I spent six months in gorgeous green England, giving my heart to that beautiful land. I ate too many good foods, laughed until my head hurt, made new friends, felt so much joy that my heart overflowed with incredible inspiration, and gave my life decision to the higher powers and began to connect with them again. I experienced so much healing; I let go of bad things and memories, learned to love myself, and my depression virtually disappeared for the first time in many years. I reveled under the English sun and rejoiced in the love I’d seized by the horns. I returned to Canada and took care of important things that defied my intense anxiety issues. I filed for divorce and it was granted on Christmas Day.

I made wonderful new memories with my best friends. I laughed in the sun and the snow and the rain. I cried huge tears of pain, healing, grief, and joy. My art block disappeared.

I truly enjoyed 2015. Like any year, it too had its hard moments, but they were few and far between. I’m grateful that it was easier on me than some years have been.

My heart and soul feel as clean as the snow outside my windows. Fresh, rejuvenated, and gently burrowing through the cold winter to spring forth again in renewal.

A very blessed 2016 to you all. I hope it helps you reach your goals and desires, and may it be full of love and happiness and healing. I hope you can move on, close your year with a sigh of relief and finality, and move on to the clean beauty of the new year that soon dawns.

I close 2015 with all my love.


Love and light,


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