My Mini Creative Space

Hey there lovelies! Happy Monday to you, wherever you are in the world ­čÖé Today I’m sharing my teeny tiny creative space where I create everything I do!

I believe that you can make any small space work for creative purposes!┬áLiving in a junior apartment with two women and a small dog means there’s very little room in which to create, and all three of us are super creative. I’ve learned to live without a LOT less stuff than I used to have, but not when it comes to my art supplies.

I have a quarter of the coffee table to work with, and I have part of the shelf inside the table and the space underneath it for my supplies.

Generally, when I’m painting or doing other messy projects, I stick to the tabletop.

image2 (2)Underneath, in the shelf, I have folders, sketchbooks, and some of my Derwent pencils. Under that I have storage items filled with craft items (such as beads, wire, polymer clays, papers), my markers, my light-pink bag full of drawing supplies, and notebooks. My tablet is normally around here too, since I keep all my art books in e-format on it┬áso I don’t take up more space.

image1 (5) I also have the rest of the couch that I sit on. I even have the floor if I need to spread out further! I learned to make it work, and I know I can make another small apartment work if that’s what Jon and I end up going for when I move to England.

Although, even in such a small space, it can get disorganized pretty easily. I’d prefer to have storage solutions with drawers that can be labelled, which I highly recommend if you live in a small space. Something that can be wheeled out of the way, or fit under the coffee table, or tuck beside your couch or chair. Even an under-bed shoe bag with compartments would work great if you have room under your bed or couch.

When Jon and I move into our own place, I’m going to share my new creative space when I make it! ­čÖé

Do you live in a small space with little room to work creatively? How do you deal with it? I’d love to see pictures in the comments or on Facebook! ­čÖé

Have a fantastic evening!


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