Mary’s Weekly Scrapbook – Fall Colour

Hi guys! Happy Friday, wherever you are in the world!

So sorry I missed a week again! Things are so hectic that I keep losing track of time and sometimes days.

Autumn is in full swing right now, full of leaves, chilly nights, and the smells of woodsmoke and burning leaves. It’s my absolute favourite season, and my enjoyment of it is taking away some of the stress I feel. The girls and I have been enjoying making homemade soup, wearing hoodies and armwarmers and all manner of nice layers, and going for long walks in G. Ross Lord Park. We took the dogs through part of the park last Thursday, then made whimsical bento lunches and had them there the day after.

One of the entrances to the park is up the street, and it’s big. Not as big as some parks out there, but to us it’s this vast wonderland of hidden paths, lush foliage, hills to climb and streams to look at. Walking a couple hours gets us down to the end of the park down at Dufferin & Finch. There’s places to picnic, places to hike, places to sit for hours and just listen to nature.








Sometimes you see the right thing at the right time…


And there’s a lot of water to look at and bridges to cross. There’s even a lake, but we didn’t go take a look because it’s mostly dried up. Sometimes the river floods and you can’t get through part of the park at all! There’s a couple great spots on top of the hills where you can look down and see forest valley and, in one place, the river. I couldn’t get any nice shots off of those, but they seemed magical and reminiscent of hiking in the Virginia mountains.



Some parts of the park were still pretty green as we hiked down towards Dufferin & Finch.


Here’s a few non-foliage pics from Thursday! After we left the park, we reached Tim Hortons and got pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin muffins and sat down for a while. It had clouded up nicely and a chilly breeze was blowing, so it was nice to relax with a hot drink.

I sat outside with Murphy and Monkey while the girls went inside to get the food, and while Monkey laid down and patiently waited, Murphy became clingy and kept pawing my leg and nudging his muzzle and head into my hand or into my stomach. He was so cute and he made me even more broody for a dog of my own!


The girls came back and the dogs thought it was snack time!


It was my first Tim Hortons visit since I came back to Canada. I know a lot of people don’t like their coffee but I love it. Gotta have my Timmies!


And here was our Friday bento! It was a lot of fun and I’m happy we got to do it again 🙂 We had veggies, sweet omelettes, hot dog squids (which were so cute but all their arms are hidden here), a rice ball wrapped in seaweed, and peameal bacon and mushrooms cooked in teriyaki sauce. Liat’s been getting such cute bento stuff from eBay and Pacific Mall, and we hope to get even more to get our bento adventures looking cuter!


Monday was Thanksgiving here in Canada. We joined our friends Ashley and Anthony and had a lovely dinner. We couldn’t find a turkey, so we settled on ham and pork loin with the traditional fixings. It was a fun evening and, of course, we completed it with pumpkin pie. I try to feel grateful every day, but today was a special culmination of it all 🙂

Tuesday was a windy, rainy grey day (my fave!). The girls and I went to Fabricland to get some materials for our Halloween costumes. The only way I knew to get to Orfus Road was from when I lived in Thornhill, and that involved getting to Finch Station and taking a couple different buses. As we live right on Bathurst, we had two different options with the TTC, so we took the 7 and transferred to the 52 (the bus that takes me to Anime North and to the airport). We got our fabric, then ate at a great little noodle place at Orfus and Dufferin. Then we took the 29 back, transferred to the 160, and wound up back outside home 🙂

Thursday was our weekly dinner and teatime at Liat’s mom’s place. The four of us took the dogs and had a walk in the rain; it was another gorgeous, blustery grey day with the leaves turning brilliant gold and red. There was even some lightning, thunder, and hail after it got dark out, and there were worse storms and even a funnel cloud further north. Liat’s sister joined us for dinner, and after that Ashley and Anthony came over and we had tea and snacks.

That’s it for this eventful post! I hope you all enjoyed it and I’ll see you all soon! 🙂


Love and light,



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