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Hello everyone and happy Friday, wherever you are in the world!

The autumn colours are glorious right now in Ontario; bright shades of copper, crimson and yellow with rich blue skies. It’s been steadily cooling down and we even got a little snow flurry a while back. This week we had a rainfall warning and high winds across the southern half of the province, so most of our beautiful leaves got ripped off and are now a gorgeous golden carpet brightening the dark grey of the sidewalks and parking lots. But here are a few more photos of autumn colour in our lives:






The sweets still count, right? 😉

I’m just not ready to give up autumn yet. There’s Christmas stuff in the stores already and I’m seeing gift sets, wrapping paper, and more cropping up and I’m sitting here in the glory of fall! I love Christmas, but let October be October!

Our latest eBay purchases have started to trickle in, and that’s always a fun time. We love when something arrives because it’s happy mail! Liat got us these funky little swim gloves and they’re a tad smaller than the measurements said, but it’s okay because they tend to slip off quite easily anyway in the water:

So last Tuesday we went swimming again. The gloves really do help! I can confidently say that I’m pretty much able to swim on my own now, but I still remain close to the steps for safety so I can quickly put my hand down on something. My lifelong fear of water is still taking its sweet time in going the hell away. But I feel more comfortable now, at least. I experience a little progress every time I’m in it.

Most of our time has been spent doing art, having friends over for dinner and good conversation, and working on our Halloween costumes. Working on costumes reminds me of Anime North 2014, when I would spend the night on weekends and we’d be designing, cutting, sewing, and stringing well until dawn. There was such a great sense of excitement, and this is hardly any different. We’ve been up until 5am some mornings, drinking tea with an energetic playlist going on Alora’s laptop, and having fun even though sometimes Bernice (the girls’ Bernina sewing machine) can be a little difficult. The moon would set, huge and yellow and getting more squashed at the horizon, and that would be our signal to get our behinds to bed.

Our sewing and crafting stuff is everywhere and there’s scraps of metallic fabric on the floor, but these are the signs of a brilliantly creative household. 😉

This is just a sneak peek of the fabric we bought a couple weeks ago at Fabricland. Liat’s is the green, mine is the gold, and Alora’s is the turquoise. Oh how I’d always wanted to buy fabric like that but could never find a reason why! Why the heck do I even NEED a reason?12187910_10153339384278337_1665547016600038337_n

I hope you all have a lovely Halloween/Samhain, my friends! Let us enter November with gratitude in our hearts as we enter a brand new month. 🙂



Love and light,



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