Mary’s Biweekly Scrapbook – Catching Up Again!

Hello lovelies, and a very happy Friday to you! I hope your February is lovely, wherever you are in the world.

I haven’t done my biweekly “scrapbook” in a while, but there’s not too much to report right now, haha!

January passed by in the blink of an eye, gliding into February with relatively mild weather. Half the time I haven’t needed to zip my coat up, or wear it at all! We’ve had some snow, but it never stays around long; either the sun melts it or it rains a lot. I was hoping to have a more wild winter, as it should be my last before moving to England, but I accepted the fact that I’ve had a good handful of wild winters since coming to Canada, and I will remember them very fondly!

The past month has been very quiet and uneventful, except for the art I’ve done. I actually managed to grab a handful of commissions, one of which was from a friend’s brother who is looking to open a fancy confectionery business. I’m SO excited at the thought of seeing my own art in a place of business!! I’ll show you the commissions in next week’s Art Post Wednesday, which I am making into a consistent biweekly post.

The girls and I had a Pacific Mall outing near the end of the month, where we gorged on fish balls and lamb skewers and explored all of the vivid, sparkling shops. This outing is one of our favourites, as we always greatly enjoy ourselves! We wound up with a bunch of great snacks as usual, too, and I had the great idea of doing reviews here on the blog about such awesome imports.

Of course, I thought of that AFTER we’d eaten it all and the wrappings were thrown out, so no pictures! You know me, I LIKE to have pictures with everything, which is why this very text-laden post is kind of freaking me out! I haven’t really taken any pictures lately!

Last week, a friend of ours had his annual birthday gathering at his family home. Like in all the years past it was fun and a wonderful time to laugh, talk, and celebrate friendship, but it was also a little bittersweet as it may have been my last one in Canada. In knowing that, I made the most of it and I had a lot of fun! After all, if you don’t enjoy the moment, it’s gone and you can never get it back. And I wouldn’t want my (potentially) last party in Canada spent being sad about it!

And now, I’m slowly getting ready for Jon to arrive next Thursday night. We have a hotel booked on Yonge Street to have a few days just to ourselves. The girls are making flowers for my bouquet, and Alora’s been working on a beautiful top for me to wear.

Just a few days left now, and I’m so excited I can’t stay still. My soul is buzzing with anticipation.

Five months has been far too long.

What have you been up to lately? Let me know in the comments or on Facebook!


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