Mary’s Scrapbook + The Wedding

Happy Friday, lovelies! I hope you’re having a great one, wherever you are in the world.

This post more than makes up for the last scrapbook having no photos, so be prepared! 😉

After my last scrapbook post on the 13th, Liat and I walked to Promenade Mall on what was the coldest day of the year so far. There was a warning up and everything. We each had on several layers, but the cold still bit through the ones on our faces and we wondered why we’d decided to walk there.

12705501_10153532589668337_302958562517782585_nThe condensation from my breath rising over my face created frost ON my skin and melted my eyeliner by the time we got to the mall! Liat was better off but also had some face frost happening!

We stood in the centre court and watched some performances celebrating Lunar New Year before getting lunch and wandering around until Anthony and Ashley came to get us. Thank the universe for good friends with cars on cold winter days!

12688088_10153532589868337_7324659685744709250_nAt the One’s inside T&T, I found the most adorable tea set that I fell in love with. You know that feeling when you see something, and even if it seems impractical, your heart skips a beat in excitement? Yeah, that’s what I felt 😉

12729171_10153532590068337_1818809040752296366_nI didn’t end up buying it that day, but Liat and I went back to Promenade with her dad on Monday and I snagged it! We can certainly use it, but I have no room to display it. But it will be displayed once Jon and I get our house!

12715322_10153538309418337_3355592235386810315_nI’ve been working on new necklaces to sell, and this is one of the ones I finished. I used little clay sticks that are cut with a fine blade to make little slivers of fruit for nail art; I can never get nail art to actually stay on me, so I got them to use for jewellery and crafts instead! The necklace was originally going to have a glass top, but then I put too much fruit inside so the glass wouldn’t fit.

12688385_10153536433843337_239561674889853664_nOn the 16th, we finally got more snow, which made the girls and I VERY happy campers!

12744515_10153538310343337_476086489285635326_nAnd then it was finally the day.

After time had slowed down to a crawl, the day of the 18th flew by. I watched my twin flame’s plane take off from Heathrow, and I followed its progress with growing excitement until I had to leave to get to Pearson.

1936384_10153557134358337_7683731863316420272_nI left for Pearson close to 6pm, factoring in rush hour traffic and the fact that the 60 bus is a little unreliable, but I ended up at Pearson just after 7:00. Then I realized I’d gotten off the bus at the wrong terminal. I was supposed to get off at Terminal 3, not Terminal 1!

12801401_10153557133718337_2324888332109624291_nAfter wandering for a few minutes, I found the train to Terminal 3. I had to wait for it, but I had so much time to spare that it didn’t matter.

Then I sat down at the right terminal and I waited, my entire body buzzing and my blood thrumming in anticipation. I kept the flight tracker app open, watching his plane get closer and closer.

12801605_10153557134153337_6622705021082357360_nAnd then he landed.

I watched his plane taxi in for a good twenty minutes, getting physically closer and closer to me.

12744528_10153544249808337_4922065829150789445_nAnd then I went to stand in front of the arrivals gate, impatiently waiting for him to emerge. I didn’t have to wait long. He was one of the first off the plane, one of the first through customs, and his suitcase was one of the first ones out. Our eyes immediately made contact.

Suddenly my heart was rushing and I was in his arms, and all the anxiety and loneliness of the last five months left me in one rush of breath as I was pulled into the warmth of his chest. It seemed like only a day had passed, as though I was just welcoming him home from work.

We took the TTC back to our hotel, and we were whole.

The next morning we relaxed for a while and enjoyed the view of Markham from our terrace before heading to the North York Civic Centre to get our marriage license.

12744238_10153544249948337_1683727908003494521_nAfter we got our marriage license, our spirits were sky high and the sun was out. We walked over to South Street Burger and got lunch, which we both really enjoyed. That black cherry soda was awesome!

12744191_10153544250153337_8831055332779666325_nThe weekend was spent in each other’s arms, reconnecting in joy. I was prepared to take care of my Brit, so I brought lots of black tea from home and bought milk, haha!

12741993_10153544250318337_934829095289684959_nThe sunrises every morning were stunning. Lake Ontario could be seen in the distance between the buildings of the World on Yonge complex, and it would shine bright silver in the early sunlight. I didn’t get a picture of it, so here’s one looking toward Steeles East.

12715244_10153544822933337_6135469852263755075_nOn Sunday, I used Uber for the very first time and got not only a free ride but a WONDERFUL driver! He was hilarious and very sweet, and he wished us long lives of health and happiness and told Jon he’d made an excellent decision in choosing me. We took it from the hotel to my place, and I was so impressed by it!

Before we knew it, the wedding day was upon us, and my every last nerve was shot. We were running very late, and our cab driver wasn’t fussed with getting us to City Hall on time. The weather was grey, and full of slush and ice, but we made it to the wedding chambers without incident and waited for another wedding to finish before ours.

My spirit began to hit its zenith. My heart was fluttering and my nerves now tingled with absolute joy instead of anxiety, and I felt like a season within my soul was now passing, as though from winter to spring.

With Alora, Liat, and Susie watching in shared joy, I completed my union to my twin flame.

10253987_10153553771073337_7332196664544145681_nIt got even colder and nastier out, and we were freezing by the time our cab came to take us home.

12509388_10153553773178337_4677041511576373626_nDespite the weather, we were utterly joyous. Squeezed next to him in the taxi van, I kept looking at him and grinning like a moron, and he’d grin back. It was surreal, and wonderful, and exciting.

After we got home and had a celebratory dinner, I set up our little mango cheesecake and colourful mousse cakes. They were awesome!

12744433_10153554172338337_778278807962139562_nAnd so a new season in my life has officially begun, just like the turning of the Wheel.

The adventure continues, and so does the joy.





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