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Hello, friends! Happy Friday to you, wherever you are in the world. It’s hard to believe that it’s exactly one week until Christmas Day, isn’t it? I wish December wouldn’t blow through so quickly. All the other months of the year seem to move slowly, but my favourite is gone in the blink of an eye.

On the 5th, we went down with Anthony to the Christmas Market at the Distillery District. It was very crowded and it was too warm to snow, but it still had the festive magic that it’s had every year I’ve gone. The fire pits are gone, unfortunately, but that still hasn’t changed my opinion of the event.



12341037_10153399137018337_3650646389833918324_nSanta’s BBQ had great bratwursts and roasted chestnuts 🙂12295327_10153399137423337_8988933797165969527_nI absolutely love looking at all the stalls loaded with glittering, beautiful, handcrafted items. They’re always decorated so nicely, too! 🙂12316065_10153399141053337_6857323080491569602_n


12308502_10153399143578337_3475708109340887975_nThis vendor said this wasn’t a tea cozy, but rather a tea toque! 😉12345670_10153399158703337_2488861463436638226_nWe stopped at Brick Street Bakery, which makes amazing things like steak & stout pies, Cornish pasties, and other baked goods. The girls and I eat bought a big Cornish pasty, and after Anthony tried a bite of Liat’s, he said “This thing is life-changing!” It was THAT good 😉
12316327_10153399144118337_4636559606256783732_nIt was quickly cooling down out, but the thick crowd kept us warm enough. We continued to wander and explore, checking out every lane and all the galleries and shops.12311324_10153399154153337_3209910311887885535_n





12274493_10153399153818337_2128553103349738073_nThere was a lot of traffic on the drive home, but I managed to catch a shot of a very festive CN Tower…12316666_10153399159388337_3521410917626164614_nThe rest of the time, the girls and I have been gearing up for Christmas. There’s a lot of glitter and shine and twinkling lights in our tiny flat! Alora was away visiting her family for five days, so Liat and I were able to freely work on her gifts and finish them, among others!

I’ve got to say that I’ve had SO much fun making everyone’s gifts this year! We’ve bought stocking stuffers too, and there’s always our post-Christmas trip to Pacific Mall, but the majority of things have been made by hand. We belong to a small group of friends who love handmade gifts as much as we do, so I’m excited to see what everyone thinks 🙂

Our apartment is so cozy, warm, and glittery. Here’s a few shots of all the shine and colour we have!cmas2I’ve had this Hallmark ornament since I was five years old. My parents and I had gone to the Hallmark store and I got to pick a couple ornaments out, and I just loved this bull pinata! cmasOur TV stand with garland, lights, decorations, and even our Yoshi Amiibos for the Wii U! There’s a black tree with pastel bead garland and white snowflakes on top of the pc, too, and a string of blue LED lights in the window.DSC_1285During Hanukkah, I learned to make potato latkes thanks to Liat’s mom! I love the lights of the chanukiah and I’m always a little sad when the last night has ended.hanukkahIt’s still too warm to snow in this part of Canada, but I’m hoping we get some white after the holidays, like we did last year! Maybe it’s because I don’t drive, but I dearly love the snow. I even dreamed about it last night!

That’s all for today, friends 🙂 I’ll be posting again before Christmas with some special news, so stay tuned!



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