Mary’s (Bi)Weekly Scrapbook

Hello everyone and happy Friday, wherever you are in the world! It’s time for my biweekly scrapbook of what I’ve been up to in this lovely life!

I set up my tiny altar space with some Samhain decor to celebrate the season and the day itself. I didn’t have much, and my beautiful Samhain mini besom is still packed up at my ex’s place, but I made do 🙂
Not long after I posted my last scrapbook, the girls and Ashley and I all went to Pacific Mall. We had a lovely time, had a lot of fish balls and lamb skewers, and got some awesome stuff! Pacific Mall and Curry’s are my favourite places to indulge, and here’s a few things I got:12219423_10153361602853337_1621299943020153400_nGorgeous mermaid-y nail polish, gold striping tape, little stars and crowns for my nails, and a gorgeous deep purple-red, matte lip cream from Phoenix Beauty Lounge inside the mall.

12243088_10153361604598337_5058793940240585699_nCheck out my poorly applied blue lip cream! Haha! This was also at Phoenix Beauty Lounge and was the colour “Sirius” from the Harry Potter collection by LA Splash. As impractical as it is as a colour, I still love it and would love nothing more than to do prancing around in it all the time. I bought the dark red NYX in the above photo instead of this!

12241710_10153361603528337_7890116855539102607_nSadly, I can’t remember the names of the shops these came from, but they’re loaded with sparkly hair stuff like these!

12243467_10153361603998337_2962588544190199797_nIchiban Living is a large shop in Pacific Mall’s basement level where everything is $2. It’s our favourite shop and we tend to spend the longest amount of time in this one! I LOVE those cat armwamers! There’s hair pins, a bunny chopstick rest, and a glasses case to match my pink roses one because I’m ordering a spare pair of glasses from Zenni Optical soon. I also got transparent, pink glitter chopsticks, but I forgot to include them in the photo!

12219423_10153361603128337_6850611692646583010_nAnd, of course, my little Curry’s haul 😉 New inking pens because mine were dying, a sketchbook, and two Derwent coloured pencils because I’m slowly but surely trying to replace my Prismacolours with something I can actually sharpen to a point without the dang lead breaking.

When we came out of the hair accessory shops, we realized it was after 9pm and the mall was closed. The last few stragglers (including us) were heading out, and it was so empty! So we headed home on the bus, full and satiated from our trip, as we always were!

11228025_10153361604398337_5442560105392580196_nEarly the next afternoon, Ashley came over and we all started getting ready for the Halloween party. The party was so much fun! Our mythical creature costumes were a big hit, and mermaid Alora even won first place in the costume contest and Liat won second. My unicorn costume was fun, though the mask I used eventually felt really hot and itchy, and my horn tried to fall off my headband so I had to borrow our friend’s glue gun to do an emergency fix! All in all, it was a great night.12193850_10153342807673337_4468760843416916369_nThere’s no full-body pics, unfortunately, but I had black armwarmers and legwarmers that ended in the pretty gold fabric I got at Fabricland and those were tapered to look like hoofs.

Here’s a look at one of the armwarmers to see what I mean:
12003862_10153361602663337_8499022565737962599_nAnd so the wheel of the year turned, and the earth fell into the slumber of windy, rainy November once more, sleeping deeply under all the piles of dried brown and gold leaves. Autumn and Halloween things were immediately wiped from store shelves as though they never existed, and replaced with Christmas cheer like a poof of magic.

While we were out shopping with Anthony and Ashley one evening, Liat bought me this wonderful warm blanket. It’s so thick and soft, and it was something I needed in my life now that the nights are much colder and windier and the heating hasn’t been fully turned on in our building yet.

12189768_10153344228068337_7616008426172436977_nThey misspelled “thee”, but that’s okay 😉

And Monkey decided that very night that he wanted to claim the blanket as his.

12193394_10153344266753337_8585950829186306799_nOur custom Artscow orders came in at last! Here’s the lens cleaner I got for 99 cents, and it has one of my Switzerland photos on it:

11219663_10153347192908337_6913674259538042218_nAnd here’s my iPod case with my Aria drawing on it! I’m in looooove!

12234874_10153356073798337_7452550749163394061_nThe girls helped me put teal Manic Panic in the blonde ends of my hair because I’ve always wanted to put a funky colour in it:

12249629_10153361601293337_8818166749361610785_nAnd I received Jamberry nail wrap prize winnings and had to put them on! I just love these things and they’re kind of addictive. I have a party going on on my Facebook right now and I think I’ve already got my mom hooked, haha!!

12227652_10153354454438337_5548406088963283061_nSo that’s about it! Not much else going on other than art and trying to get things arranged so I can get stuff posted to Redbubble and Society6 🙂 The holiday season is quickly closing in and I’m working on crocheted gifts for the girls and am actually excited at the thought of listening to a little Christmas music soon. I don’t believe this year will be as rough on me as last year was, especially since I’m looking forward to it and not dreading it.

The weather has turned very grey and windy, and sometimes the air smells like snow. We haven’t gotten anything but a thin flurry, but there might be some tonight. Today the wind is howling, whistling, moaning and roaring, and the trees are completely bare. The days are often dark and they end early, yet they inspire me to no end as they do every year.

This was at about 2 in the afternoon yesterday!

What have you guys all been up to lately? What did you do for Halloween/Samhain? Let me know in the comments!




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  1. Debbie Mitchell says:

    Loved your post!! The unicorn costume is great. And your words about November inspired me as the wind blows here…even in Virginia. Yes, I am hooked on jamberry too! Your hair is lovely!!! Love you and look forward to each of your posts <3

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